THE-COMPLETE-GUIDE-ON-INDIAN-MARBLE-EVERYTHING-YOU-NEED-TO-KNOW-ABOUT-INDIAN-MARBLE-BY-BHANDARI-MARBLE-GROUP-INDIA Marble Types and Colors Available in Market Indian marble comes in many unique colors. Makrana marble and Rajnagar marble are available in shades ranging from pure white to grey, with distinctive patterns and grains. Andhi Marble is famed for its creamy pista green color, while Jaisalmer marble is characterized by its warm, deep yellow […]


DIFFERENCE BETWEEN INDIAN MARBLE AND ITALIAN MARBLE BY BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP Whether used in living rooms, kitchen countertops, or bathrooms, marble has a timeless and elegant appeal. It has always been among the most preferred natural stones for home décor, and the most commonly used varieties are Italian and Indian marble. These natural stones are available in a wide […]


Which marble is best Indian or Italian? Due to being rich in luster or gloss, Italian marble is highly preferred and perceived as an ultimate choice for remarkable interior design. Whereas, Indian marble due to its medium luster and hardness is primarily utilized for flooring, kitchen countertops, and washroom slabs, etc. Which is the best quality marble? […]


INDIAN MARBLE-TYPES-PRICE-USES-QUALITY-EXAMPLES-MANUFECTURERS-SUPPLIERS-EXPORTS-BHANDARIMARBLEGROUP-INDIA Indian Marble When you talk about Indian marbles, the majestic Taj comes to mind. Quarried from the mines in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Andhra Pradesh, Indian marbles come in a range of colors and veins. Marble is a reasonably strong and durable stone. It takes a good polish, popularly used as wall claddings, marble flooring, […]

Indian Marble in Kishangarh

INDIAN MARBLE Indian Marble represents purity and peace. Many Architects use Indian White Marble for flooring, countertop, elevation, and decoration. It tends to provide space and light, making the entire area look livelier. Bhandari Marble Group is the leading supplier of White Marble available in India and all over the World. Presenting an excellent collection of […]

Indian Marble, Granite, and Stone in India

Indian marble is featured by its medium luster and durability. It is durable and well-built and is an approved choice for a beautiful collection of Marble floorings. Granite is available for floors, granite is the hardest, and resists wear and tear excellently. Granite is a very hard material, withstands heavy loads, and is also highly […]


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