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** Note : Mininum supply requirement is 1000 Square feet.**
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About Company

India is already established as the world leader for elegant marbles, flooring stones and other quality flooring products. Thanks to the attribution of Italian marble from India, we are among the world’s leaders and manufacturers of the world’s finest marbles. Italian marbles from the Bhandari marble group are already used to design and decorate several buildings in India and other parts of the world so what are you waiting for? The top interior designers and best architects from all over pick Italian marble for purposes like flooring, wall cladding decor, decorative items, and for many illustrious projects. Bhandari Marbles Group takes pride in being one of the best Italian Marble Suppliers in India, with each marble slab we assure quality and at best price.


Buy Premium Quality Italian Marble

Being in the industry for decades we understand what constitutes quality Italian marbles as it comes in different sizes and thickness. Our experts have learned the way to find the finest quality marbles from our quarries and create a vast collection of Italian marbles including Italian statuario marble, Italian Calacatta marble and also famous Italian Carrara marble. All these marbles are perfect for purposes like wall decorations, worktops, floor tiles for your residence and commercial place. With premium Italian marbles like Staturio and Calacatta we make sure you get the quality and featured pieces for your home. Our customers’ testimonials sums up why we are the best Italian marble wholesalers.

Italian Marble – Bring the World’s Finest Marble in Your Home

The quality of marble is trusted in the quarries and ensures that every piece coming out of our quarry serves its purpose. The Italian marble at Bhandari Marble group consists of different vanities of Italian Carrara marble, statuary marble, Calacatta marble and that’s why we can say that we have the most beautiful and elegant Italian marble in India. Every stone at Bhandari Marble group you get distinct degrees of veining as it makes it super simple for you to choose the marbles according to your needs. Being the best Italian marble supplier we understand the specific requirement of each client and offer them the best marble according to their needs.

What Makes Italian Marbles Exquisite?

When it comes to choosing the marble for your resident or commercial space then Italian marble offers a different kind of charm with it. That’s one of the top reasons why we suggest Italian marbles to everyone. It’s lusty beauty can easily attract anyone and gives a welcoming feel. Looking to add a classic appearance for your space? Opt for Italian marble from Bhandari Marble Group that provides excellent shine and adds a sense of elegance to your home.

Italian Marble – The Most Magnificent Stone from India

Bhandari Marble Group is a leading and established marble supplier from India. At Bhandari Marble Group you will find the most beautiful and also the range of Italian marbles that can only be found at our doorsteps at the most cost-effective price. If you are creating something special then it needs to stand out from the rest and for that we suggest the ravishing Italian marbles for your residential and commercial projects. Not only is it perfect for interior decoration you can also use it for exterior decoration and take the look to a whole new level. Italian Marble from us is already popular in the market as we have the best quarries in the world.