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Onyx Marble Price
Onyx Marble is natural stone, it come in many colors like Pink, White, Blue, Yellow and Red also. The prices of Onyx marble are change lot to lot and also the variations, cracks and purity. Generally, it starts with 150rs/sqft and above.

Black Onyx Marble
Black Onyx Marble is a rare kind of natural stone. The Luster of black onyx is smoky with some white shades. It is the striped, semiprecious variety of agate with white and black alternating bands. The name comes from the Greek onyx, meaning “nail” or “claw”, referring to the mineral’s color, and it was used by the Romans for a variety of stones including alabaster, chalcedony, and what is now called onyx marble.

Honey Onyx Marble Price
Honey Onyx Marble is starts with 1500rs/sqft and above. This is the natural stone which have some shade of yellow and lightest orange color. Honey Onyx Marble has been serving as one of the most aesthetic and versatile options to many homeowners who want natural stone surfaces in their interiors. Unlike marble, Onyx stones are more translucent which makes the fine pattern with rich veins beautifully visible.

Onyx Marble light
Unlike marble, Onyx stones are more translucent which makes the fine pattern with rich veins beautifully visible.

Green Onyx Marble Price
Green Onyx Marble is coming from Pakistan also known as Pakistani Green Onyx, very rare and unique color in green. Green Onyx marble, also called Lady Onyx Green marble, is a white base Indian marble that mostly comes from the Slumber region of Rajasthan, India. Characterized by random twirls of green and pink, this green onyx stone product bears green as the primary color with light shades of cream and green.

Onyx Marble Size
Onyx Marble comes in slabs sizes, sizes will be varying block to block. Some time it come in 106 feet and some in 53 feet.

Onyx Marble Price in India

Onyx Marble Price in India is starts with 150rs/sqft and above. In range of 150rs/sqft come Indian Onyx and Imported Onyx starts with 1200rs/sqft and above.

Frequently Asked Questions:
What is Onyx Marble?

Onyx is actually a type of marble and it has many of the same properties. An interesting quality of onyx is its lack of opacity. Onyx is more translucent than marble, making it a great stone for lighting or for creative purposes like a backlit wall or surface that casts a glow and enhances the stone’s patterns.

Is Onyx Marble Expensive?
Onyx is also one of the most expensive stones you can use in your home, but it’s beauty, rarity, and exclusivity is what attracts many customers.

What is Onyx Marble Used for?
For Furniture- It is a common misconception that onyx cannot be used in furniture pieces. Some great ideas are onyx stools, tabletops, and counters. They gel well with the wall colors and make the property look more cheerful. You may also employ them for water features and sculptures. Highlight the lobby area, bars, desk bottoms, and slabs. To conclude, onyx works well for every part of the house.
For Bedroom- Last but not least, improve the bedroom decor with onyx. How about using it to cover a section of the wall? Or, the back of the dressing table’s mirror? Either way, your living space will look more elegant and elite. Place stools or comfortable sofas in front of the onyx wall to create a magnificent waiting and photo spot at home.
For Kitchen- Onyx is not a good option for most countertops, but it does make for a beautiful backsplash. Its beauty and translucence make it appealing, but still not practical. It is vulnerable to acids and bases, which will react with the minerals in onyx to create a chemical reaction- basically eating away at the countertop.
For Bathroom- The bathroom space is one of the best areas to use onyx in your home. While designing any property, you can add onyx to the bathroom mirrors and sides. It is the perfect material to fit into backlit spaces. Other alternatives for using onyx are wash basins and lamps. The most significant advantage of onyx is that you can dye it into any color.



Onyx Marble by Bhandari Marble Group

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