Italian Marble Price List

Italian Marble Price List

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Italian marble price per square feet varies greatly depending on the type and quality of the marble. The prices range starts from ₹200 to ₹3500 per square feet.

Italian Marble Price Per Square Feet :-

Sr.NoItalian Marble NameItalian Marble PriceItalian Marble Images
1.Agora Beige Marble₹200 per square feetagora beige marble
2.Beige Italian Marble₹210 per square feetItalian Beige Marble
3.Bianco Beige Marble₹220 per square feetBianco Beige Marble
4.Lasa White Marble₹250 per square feetBianco Lasa White Marble
5.Black Gold Marble₹230 per square feetBlack Gold Marble
6.Black Marquino Marble₹280 per square feetBlack Marquino Marble
7.Brescia Aurora Marble₹220 per square feetbrescia aurora marble
8.Calacatta Gold Marble₹1200 per square feetCalacatta Gold Marble Price
9.Calacatta White Marble₹800 per square feetCalacatta White Marble
10.Carrara White Marble₹400 per square feetCarrara White Marble
11.Crema Nova Marble₹220 per square feetcrema nova marble
12.Crystal Beige Marble₹240 per square feetCrystal Beige Marble
13.Italian Exotic Marble₹200 per square feetExotic Marble
14.Golden Portoro Marble₹280 per square feetGolden Portoro marble
15.Golden Statuario Marble₹1200 per square feetgolden statuario marble
16.Grey Dayna Marble₹220 per square feetgrey dayna marble
17.Grey Italian Marble₹210 per square feetGrey Italian Marble
18.Italian Botticino Marble₹250 per square feetbotticino-italian-marble
19.Italian Dyna Marble₹200 per square feetItalian Dyna Marble
20.Italian Statuario Marble₹600 per square feetItalian Statuario Marble
21.Light Emperador Marble₹220 per square feetlight emperador marble
22.Lilac White Marble₹400 per square feetLilac White Marble
23.Michelangelo Marble₹500 per square feetMichelangelo Marble
24.Panda White Marble₹250 per square feetpanda white marble
25.Paonazzo Gold Marble₹1400 per square feetPaonazzo Gold Marble
26.Sugar Beige Marble₹220 per square feetsugar beige marble
27.Venetino Marble₹500 per square feetVenetino white Marble
28.Arabescato Marble₹600 per square feetWhite arabescato marble
29.white Statuario marble₹1200 per square feetWhite statuario marble
30.Italian Marble Flooring₹200 per square feetItalian Marble Flooring

Italian Marble Price List

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