Sand Stone

Sandstone is mainly composed of tiny size rock grains or minerals. Sandstone is very useful stone and mostly used for domestic construction. Sandstone is also used for making statues, doorway, planters, pillars and fountains etc. as it is relatively soft and easy to carve. The main advantages of using sandstone are that it is suitable for all seasons and is durable too. It can easily be fit into the desired shape with perfection as it is easy to crave. It occurs in rich shades and in plenty of colours. It is easy to maintain and has a natural anti –slip surface this makes it a perfect choice for paving. Sandstone is versatile in terms of application as well. Sandstone can be used in nearly all kinds of landscaping designing and as well as commercial and residential construction projects. When it comes time to picking the best construction materials for adding more stability and beauty to all exterior structures, sandstone emerges as the best available material. There are lots of sandstone products available as a cheaper and affordable alternative to marble and granite. Your search for a faster and cheaper construction material comes to an end when you find this stone as the right one for numerous construction projects. This product offers you lots of advantages owing to its multiple features.

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