Marble, Granite, and Natural Stones

A study commissioned by the Architects and Interior Designers discovered that BHANDARI’S marble, granite, and Natural stone floorings produce significantly lower greenhouse gases than other materials. So, even if you are not a nature enthusiast, you would surely find pride in installing one in your home, villa, hotel, and project.
However, if you desire satisfaction in installing it, you also need to focus on the choice of marble, granite, and natural stone depending on its color, texture, or pattern, its installation location, and the amount of space it occupies guide by our stone expert team. Our stone expert Designers have observed that residents who independently choose marble, granite, and natural stones considering their favorite colors often do not receive the pleasure they seek. What’s the matter? It’s all about human psychology!
Similar to what architects and designers have to say, psychologists have documented the fact that the place where people are most attached to – home – can have a strong effect on mood, thoughts, feelings, and behavior. In simple words, human emotions deeply connect with interior design and its vital elements like natural stones. Some colors that one may love, for example black, might end up reflecting a gloomy ambiance. So, let’s learn the secrets to how effectively we can choose natural stones to enhance emotions and overall wellbeing!

Natural Stone Promotes Wellbeing

Those who love and understand natural stones are acutely aware that each stone has a set of properties that differentiates itself from others. In ancient times, people believed that gemstones carried health and spiritual benefits. Some civilizations used gemstones to facilitate the flow of energy through the body. Even today, many people acknowledge their benefits. These are used in spiritual practices that promote a different type of healing. For example, some use certain gemstones to restore a balance of energy to the body, promote well-being, and the feeling of peace.

Produces A Sense Of Connection

When you spend a lot of time at home, you may feel disconnected from the rest of the world. Natural stone floorings, kitchen countertops, and wall claddings act as an emotional bridge that connects you with the outside world better than manmade material. In fact, when you come home after an exhausting day, they add to the sense of peacefulness which fights your stress hormones.

Elevates Mood

In the ancient Chinese system of art and science, Feng Shui explains, the five elements water, metal, earth, fire, and wood affect the energies present in a room. Hence, keeping them in balance elevates human moods.
Natural stones like marble and granite are rare earth elements, and so according to ancient philosophy, they represent strength, stability, and good vibes. Bathrooms, where water is the dominating element, can be decorated with stones to bring harmony and tranquillity. Likewise, stones can also be used in fireplace design to complement the fire element.

Interior of empty apartment, wide room with marble floor

Cuts Out The Toxins

Outside, we spend a lot of time in environments surrounded by concrete, plastics, and other artificial materials that are toxic in nature. But at home one can choose to reduce the entry of such unnatural building products by installing natural stones. For example, natural stone kitchen countertops do not compulsorily require a chemical-laden manufacturing process. In fact, even for maintenance, they just need some clean water and soap, unlike some other materials that need harsh chemicals to clean up the mess.

Colors For An Emotion Therapy

It’s proven and we all have experienced that each colour excites distinct emotions and feelings. Vibrant tones stir the spirit to communicate or socialise while darker tones may create a gloomy mood. The science of colours plays the same role when choosing natural stones for installation. Each one has a different personality given the fact that each slab is unique and so they easily end up setting a different mood for us. The ultimate colour white evokes calmness of mind. Take, for instance, the bright Onyx White Marble tiles which give you a sense of relaxation. The unique patterns on a white backdrop add to a sense of pleasure. This is one of the reasons that white marbles are used in spas. In residential properties, it could be used from the spectacular entryway to spotless kitchen countertops. If you are looking for an option with cooler shades, Imperial White Granite ought to be the first choice. Just a glance at this granite tile will elevate your mood. These granite floor tiles are a great choice for bathrooms as the light blue tints are associated with reminiscent of the sea or lakes. If grey is your choice, then go with something that resonates with shiny and steely hues. Using a combination of white, silver and grey is a better option to illuminate a space rather than going with a full grey piece that may not add to any feelings at all. Because grey is known to be emotionless. Yellow, the colour of happiness is another great option for kitchens. The bright hues of yellow link with sunshine and cheerfulness. Red, on the other hand, is the symbol of intense emotions like love and anger. Several Red Granite stones like Ruby Red or Jansi Red could be an overwhelming option for feature walls. People who want to feel close to nature can opt for green which is a universal colour that can be adopted for any room in your house. Forest Green Granite and Spider Green Marble can be a great choice, reflecting nature hues. In fact, several other choices can add to refreshing aesthetics indoors. Make sure that you buy them from trusted granite and marble suppliers.

The Effect Of Texture And Patterns

Natural stones come in a wide range of patterns, textures and veinings that add a fun factor to aesthetics. Besides, they create a sense of comfort, creativity, sophistication and grandeur. Granite is one of the best options to create a fun design scheme for your home. Take, for example, Black Galaxy that arouses interest. The beige or gold colors in granite are simply unmatched and unique and can create a deep sense of sophistication and luxury. They can lend a relaxed mood and fun-filled aesthetics with timeless appeal. Being amongst the top granite suppliers from India, Quality Marble Exports (India) offers an exclusive range of black granite. For marble lovers, Travertine is a fun choice and can spark creativity and enhance relaxation. The choice of colour, pattern and texture are not the only guidelines for bringing good vibes home. It also depends on how the interior designer seeks a balance between each element of the most dominating factors such as vibes, privacy, accessibility, functionality, spaciousness and flexibility. Eventually, the success of the setup considering the psychological conception should try to cover the needs, values, preferences and ultimate satisfaction of homeowners.

The Many Uses of Marble & Granite: From Basic to Advanced Expert Kitchen Design Tips To Lit Your Cooking World

From gravestones to temples, monuments that are intended to last down the generations are often made of Granite. Before power tools existed, carving granite was laborious and time-consuming, so the stone was often reserved for important projects. Many ancient and historic buildings use Granite to create a core of strength at their centres. As Granite can be polished to a beautiful sheen or clad in another stone, it was commonly used for supporting pillars.




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