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Bhandari Marble Group India is Government certified Company with highly skilled, and experienced professionals who dedicated for quarrying, selection, processing, finishes and packing, on time delivery.


Bhandari Marble Group India 🇮🇳, Rajasthan, Kishangarh since 1631

Most experienced Group of Natural stone, our goal is your total satisfaction with our products and services, best quality with quantities and competitive price. From Indian or Italian and Brazilian top quality classic to contemporary, International quality standards and rich selection of colors, textures and finishes help bring your distinctive designs to life with the natural beauty, durability and elegance only natural stones can provide by Bhandari, under one roof Natural stone studio. Natural stone as the name suggests is a gift of mother nature to the mankind for Building Construction since from many centuries. It is a natural creation of the Mother nature which takes millions of years to create natural stone and extra ordinary useful. There are many factors that affect the ultimate graining and coloration of natural stone for long time thousand syears and creat best products of Nature. Natural Stone may be underground springs, mineral deposits, earth shifts, temperature, natural solutions in the earth, and the pressure exerted on these elements over time are it unique anybody never copy it or create it.There is no way to duplicate these factors in a laboratory or manufacturing environment that’s why it’s most demanding Building stone. Because of the vast differences in the conditions that created the stone, every block extracted from the earth is different and unique, cozy and charming. The harmful chemicals and hand of man plays no role in the process even after the stone has been extracted from the quarry, except for cutting and polishing which eventually brings out all the uniqueness and natural beauty, for healthy and mental peace of you family.

We at BHANDARI world’s top and India’s best Natural stone providers bring to you the love of nature and inspire you to create one of its kind totally unique environments which no one can ever duplicate along with bringing unparalleled beauty, permanence & a style statement for your home, villa, hotel and project.

Bhandari Marble Group India’s range of products such as blocks, tiles, slabs, veneers, borders, wall claddings, mosaics, cobbles, pebbles, pavers and countertops are ideal for flooring, elevation, decoration, countertops, architectural carving, statues, tamples, wall cladding stone, patios, swimming pool surrounds, copings, steps, landscaping, paving’s, roofs, walkways & garden, building monuments. no one can match it exactly as is indifferent to the fact that you use a slate, granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, quartzite, or any other form of natural stone at your home, villa, hotel, restaurant, commercial mall, residential tower, temples, mosques, palaces, showrooms, flats, community hall, marriage hall, churches, memorials, statues, furniture, tabletops, treads and all over building construction.

We at BHANDARI are a dedicated manufacturer, Suppliers, Exporters, Wholesalers, distributors, traders of all quality natural stones such as slate, onyx, semi-precious, mother of pearl, Granite, Marble, Sandstones, Limestone, quartzite, and many more Natural stone in India.

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