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The grand and elegant marble stone enriched with luxurious characteristics also comes in various finishes, including honed. It is a proven fact that marble is known for natural and timeless beauty that never loses its style. A marble with honed finish usually includes chafing of diamond or silicon carbide particles to offload scratches and accumulated soil on the surface of the stone. A honed marble looks superb with a matte surface and less-shiny, and more natural look.

Honed marble is durable and performs well when it is sealed properly. Any marble product in a honed finish offers lots of advantages, including:
• Softer and more delicate look
• Faded grandeur pointedly adds elegance to a casual environment
• The matte surface is less slippery when it is wet
• A kid-friendly and popular option in high traffic areas
• Less visible scratches with a less shiny and flat surface
Go through the content and find out what are some popular honing processes and what honed marble options are available in India for global B2B buyers.

Marble honing: Buffing the stone for a more even surface:

What is honed marble? Marble honing is just a way of rubbing the stone and producing an extra smooth surface. The process of honing the marble starts with the following steps:

  1. Rubbing of rough spots to offer a matte finish to the marble, using stone rubbing machinery.
  2. This finish makes the smooth surface very scratch resistant but not glossy.
  3. Sealing of surface to prevent the stone from soaking liquids and spills.
    Honed marble is quite useful for high traffic areas such as floors for the bathroom, foyer, and living room at home or office. You can easily evaluate the utility of a honed marble stone product with the following dimensions.

• Durability: Scratch-resistant, but easily stained.
• Feel: Velvet/Satin
• Looks: Matte
• Maintenance: Regular cleaning required
• Suggested Application: Countertops and high traffic areas, such as floors for the bathroom, foyer, or living room.

Types of honing:
Honing of the marble is a procedure where particles of diamond or silicon carbide are scoured over the surface. The process is done in order to remove out ingrained soil and scratches. The grading of honing grit also matters the most as it is done as per the size of the stone. Note that the grit is removed from its surface as per the larger and small marble stones. Let’s move ahead and check out what are some of the main honing types available in the competitive market.

Powder honing:
While applying this sort of marble honing type, stone experts mix honing powders with water. Then, the same mixture is rubbed over the surface of the stone with the help of rotating brushes. When it comes to handling uneven surfaces with dirty grouts, this honing technique gives an edge. Using brushes, the powder is pushed into grout lines. It is done in order to get rid of unwanted ingrained soil to obtain quite a high sheen. This technique is suitable for all red, white, black or green marble stones in an effective manner.

Pad honing:
Pads impregnated diamond dust is the new buzzword in the marble industry. It is used for the purpose of stone honing in commercial flooring. Like the powder honing technique, this honing method is easy to operate by less-skilled operators. These days, this technique is in demand as it successfully maintains the sheen on terrazzo floors in big supermarkets.

Hard honing:
The third one and the most talked-about honing style hard honing is done with the use of hard resin disks infused with honing diamonds. Like two other honing techniques, hard honing easily removes surface scratches. The same process is equally useful for getting rid of ingrained dirt. When you need marble stone ready for final polishing, this technique makes things easy for stone experts. In only con of this method is that it is not a big fit for treating uneven floors. It works well on a smooth floor.

Honed marble prospects for B2B buyers:
B2B buyers interested in buying honed marble from the Indian marble industry can opt for honed marble countertops, vanity tops, slabs, and tiles for all sorts of construction projects in any part of the world.

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