Sandstone is a sedimentary rock formed under the oceans, lakes, and rivers. Composed of sand mineral particles quartz or feldspar, this natural stone is very tough and resistant to weathering. It is a popular building and paving material from ancient times.
This natural stone usually forms where sand is laid down and buried. For instance, The famous red rocks of the Grand Canyon were formed in a desert setting. The sand grains in sandstone give information about the past such as the kind of countryside that produced the sand or how far they were transported.
TEAKWOOD Sandstone
Depending on the mix of rock fragments, sandstone may have a wide range of colors from nearly white to nearly black, gray, brown or red. As a landscaping and building stone, sandstone is full of character.
Outdoors, this type of natural stone is also used for cladding facades and interior walls. You can find garden benches, patio tables or swimming pool.
After a source rock is weathered and eroded, the resulting sand grains might fill a bowl-shaped basin on land or underwater. With the pressure from more sediments landing above and the movement of water through the grains, the sand becomes sandstone.
Characteristics of Sandstone: A sedimentary rock consisting of sheets of sand, mineral particles, and binding matrix deposited one atop in water environments and desert formations. Very porous and water will penetrate it easily. Brown, red, purple, and pink sandstones are commonly called brownstone.
Sandstone is a rock comprising mostly of minerals formed from sand. The stone gains its formation throughout centuries of deposits forming in lakes, rivers, or on the ocean floor. These elements group together with the minerals quartz or calcite and compresses.
Sandstone was a popular building material from ancient times. It is relatively soft, making it easy to carve. It has been widely used around the world in constructing temples, homes, and other buildings. It has also been used for artistic purposes to create ornamental fountains and statues.
Sandstone is a clastic sedimentary rock composed mainly of sand-sized mineral particles or rock fragments. Most sandstone is composed of quartz or feldspar because they are the most resistant minerals to weathering processes at the Earth’s surface, as seen in the Goldich dissolution series.

Jaisalmer Yellow sandstone is loved by homeowners and architects for its natural yellow-orange texture. It comes up in stunning shades making it a classy choice for home and office. … Jaisalmer Yellow Marble is quarried from mines located in Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, it is the reason it is also called Desert Gold Marble.

Dholpur Red Honed Sandstone
Dholpur red honed that is used as slabs, pavements, blocks, etc for interior as well as exterior constructions. Formats: Tile, slabs, blocks, cut to size pavements.

Kadappa Stone Limestone found in the sedimentary rock and made up of Calcite and aragonite. Limestone Slabs and Tiles are highly water-soluble in sedimentary rock. BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP is engaged in Supplying and Exporting of highly quality limestone Paving slabs like Black Kadappa Stone.

Red Sandstone is also referred to as Agra Red Sandstone. It is available in different sizes and varied thicknesses. The Red Sandstone becomes more appealing due to the Colour, Easy maintenance and high durability and comes at competitive market prices as well. Agra Red Sandstone is generally used for the external wall Cladding.
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