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INDIA’S TOP AND WORLD’S BEST MARBLE, GRANITE AND STONE COMPANY What is so great about Granite: Resistance and HardnessThe natural beauty, granite is naturally resistant to moisture, scratching, and heat. This natural stone can remain unchanged for decades. The combination of quartz, feldspar, and mica is responsible for heat resistance. Granite is tough, resistant to […]

Granite in Kishangarh, Granite Exporter

The popular granite found in India are Black Granite, Star Galaxy Granite, imperial red, Jhansi red, crystal yellow, Alaska white,Alaska gold, Alaska Red, blue dunes, P white, S white, China white, Chima pink, Rosy pink, Rajasthan black, and so on. Region and major cities where granite available include Kishangarh, Rajasthan, India. Black Granite From India […]

How Granite Can Modernise Your Kitchen?

Granite In KitchenHow Granite Can Modernise Your Kitchen? Earth’s crust has taken over millions of years to produce granite with immense heat and pressure. The formation process involved results in a crystalline structure that is dense, hard, and strong. Categorized as the best-known igneous rock, the natural stone was used as the core strength-giver in […]

Best Indian Granite types, Size, price color, Uses in 2023

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GlJMFMk2oIQ Best Granite for FlooringGranite is a magnificent material, which is durable and glossy. It is also one of the oldest stone, which is being used as a strong flooring material. The granite gives your floors a magnificent grandeur to home and office. You can install granite in office, home, porch, parking, and swimming pool […]


GRANITE FLOORING ELEVATION DECORATION, COUNTERTOPS, MONUMENTS, LANDSCAPING, HANDICRAFT, BY BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP Reasons to Choose Granite flooring, elevation, decoration, and Countertops Homeowners today have a multitude of options when it comes to flooring elevation decoration and kitchen countertops. The top choices are granite because of the wide range of colors and durability. However, they are […]


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