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Fantasy Brown Quartzite, which may be referred to as Fantasy Brown Granite or even marble, is exported from India.

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Fantasy Brown Marble. One of the hottest countertop stones on the market right now is actually marble, even though many homeowners prefer granite or quartzite due to marble’s higher propensity to stain or etch. Fantasy Brownstone can vary in color and pattern from batch to batch.

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Geologically speaking, Fantasy Brown consists of calcium carbonate which makes it akin to marble. It’s also related to quartzite, which is a natural metamorphic rock that is derived from quartz sandstone. Heat and pressure below the surface of the earth compacted this sandstone and transformed it into quartzite.

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Fantasy Brown is the trade name of a unique crystalline brown marble. It presents a particular striated aspect due to its marked bands in brown, earth, and grey tones.

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For most applications, the stone should be picked for its aesthetic value. No stone is indestructible and all stones should be taken care of. Overall, Fantasy Brown can be a good choice for a kitchen especially with the one of a kind look that only fantasy brown can bring.

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Fantasy brown marble it’s an extremely hard marble with a very low risk of etching or staining. In other words, it behaves like a quartzite. Fantasy Brown Quartzite is a durable, reliable countertop choice.

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Fantasy Brown Marble is a premium quality beautiful Indian marble stone of brown color. It has cool grey wave formation of impurities and minerals. This marble is often used for kitchen countertop and bathroom applications, but it is also preferred for interior and exterior flooring, wall decoration, and stair casing.

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Fantasy Brown Marble is closer to quartzite in terms of hardness and durability of this stone. It can be used in the kitchen with worry about getting etched or stained easily. This stone will look like new for many years with proper sealing.

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Fantasy Brown Marble may vary in design and color from batch to batch according to the presence of impurities in it. It has Polished, swan and honed surface finish. This Marble is available is as slab and tiles of various thicknesses and sizes.

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