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Makrana White Marble- The oldest and the best quality marble in the world.

Makrana is a town in the Nagaur district of Indian state of Rajasthan. Makrana is famous for the white stone as marble mined from the mines around it. It is said that the Taj Mahal was built from Makrana marble. Makrana is a small town, but it has plenty of marble outcrops. Most of the residents in this town work as marble miners.
The town is well linked to railroads and other forms of transportation.
Known for its white marble reserves, Makrana is a small town in Nagaur district, with a deposit of 56 million tonnes and 40,000 laborers working in 400 mines in the several ranges of the Aravallis. Makrana, along with Rajsamand, are the main centers of marble in Rajasthan. Calcite in nature, Makrana Marble is regarded as the oldest in age and finest in quality.
Makrana is source of employment to at least 1 Lac people of about 100 surrounding villages. The famous Victoria Memorial of Kolkata, the world famous Taj Mahal in Agra, Raudat Tahera in Mumbai and Jain Temple of Dilwara in south Rajasthan are built from Makrana Marble.

Makrana has various mining ranges, popularly known as Doongri, devi, Ulodi, Saabwali, Gulabi, Kumari, Neharkhan, Matabhar, Matabhar kumari, Chuck doongri, Chosira etc.
Doongri, devi, Saabwali, Ulodi, Chosira and Neharkhan are famous for white marble, whereas Ulodi is famous for Albeto Marble. These mines produce white-brown belt beautiful marble. Gulabi stands for pink plain and pink Adanga marble whereas almost all mines produce Adanga marbles with brown and grey sheds.

Makrana Marble Price List:
As the Makrana Marbles are high quality marbles, this is the first choice of many to construct great buildings. Using Makrana Marbles gives the benefit to relax for years after the construction of the building, temple or any monument. Along with this, using the Makrana marbles gives you the added benefit of making the monuments look exquisite.

Makrana Marble Prices:
Makrana Marble Price in India is very less if you have the proper information of the place from which you should purchase. Contacting sites like BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP provides you all the information about the availability and proper price of the Makrana Marbles.

Marble Shades:
The shades of the Makrana Marbles are milky white and are close to nature. They give you the soothing effect required to heal you. The beauty of these marbles penetrates the heart. Makrana Marble Price is very reasonable as compared to the eye catching beauty it spreads.

Price List:
The Makrana Marble Price List is available at the BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP website and you can choose according to your budget by finding your choice of marble. The Marble Makrana Price is quoted very low to let the customers avail exquisite marbles at wholesale prices.

Price in Rajasthan:
Since a big marble market exists in Rajasthan, the Makrana Marble Price in Rajasthan is very low as compared to that of other parts of India. You can find out the Makrana Marble Prices from the website of BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP.

BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP is a one-stop solution for all your marble needs and queries. BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP is the ultimate name in the marble world. It has carved a niche in the marble world because of being a high quality site. Users can connect with us with their queries about the type of marble stones and respective prices. We will be happy to inform and suggest them by providing Makrana Marble Price List for their needs.
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Makrana Marble Flooring:
Makrana marble is famous for its quality and it is in great demand in not only India but other different countries of the world as well. Makrana marble is in great demand as it has no pin holes and no chemical reinforcements are required. There is no loss of color or polish as well and Makrana marble can last more than a lifetime. Makrana marble flooring is a great option that you have to give your room a new look. Makrana marble is available in different colors meaning you have a lot to choose from. Some of the colors available apart from white are black, green, pink and many more and some of these also come with designs and patterns and that adds to the look of your room.
BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP is one place where you can look for attractive and unique Makrana marble flooring designs. We offer you all information regarding marble and the vast marble industry and our primary aim is to bring together everyone in the marble industry so that connecting each other becomes easy. We also provide the contact details of marble suppliers spread across the country and also deal with marble importers and exporters. There are different types of marbles and not all marbles are suitable for all purposes. We make sure that people get the right kind of marble stone they are looking for so as to meet their requirements.

Natural stone for your architectural projects
Natural stone is widely used in construction, external design, indoor wall covering and even to create decorative objects. Marble, onyx and granite products are ecological, resistant to low temperatures and long lasting. These original materials create a unique, luxury atmosphere at home, at the work place or in recreational areas.
Do you want to buy natural stone slabs or genuine Italian marble? You have come to the stone professionals. On our website, you can purchase natural stone from the manufacturer. What’s more, you do not have to worry about the structure or colouring of the desired stone. Our qualified specialists will assist you in selecting the most suitable product, whether tiles or slabs. They will provide you with all the technical information you need based on the characteristics of the product and the intended use in the environment that you need to plan. Buying natural stone from the manufacturer means having a high quality product whilst saving time and money.

On our website, you can purchase marble from the manufacturer quickly and easily. Before placing an order, please contact our specialists. They will assist you in selecting the finish and colour of the stone based on the intended use and the style of the environment.
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Bhandari Marble Group which provides best white marble for the residential and commercial area at best price in India. We explore the complete range of BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP at the lowest price. Many kinds of people have many kinds of allergies but Marble is a very safe option to use in household and other places in terms of allergy. Every piece of Marble is unique


Indian Marble is known for its beautiful textures, strength and durability. Marble has some other interesting uses – If you don’t know from before, this is going to surprise you! Marble is made into fine powder which is used for making plastic, glues !


Imported marbles is one of the best marble, it’s oldest and best quality imported marble. Imported marble excellent features just like fine finish, smooth polish, and aesthetic look make its demand in the market.


The Italian marble that we offer is widely appreciated for providing high luster and visual appeal to the area. These marbles inlay the floors, walls, rooms in a wonderful way. Italian marble is widely demanded in offices, multinational companies, schools, hotels, and other industries because of their riotous appearance, long lasting luster, and wear resistance. This Italian marble is available in various sizes, designs, and patterns.


White marble is the most likely choice for homes as the white color adds elegance and creates serenity in the atmosphere. It also gives a feel of wider space. You can try the white marble for flooring and for wall cladding as well. Else you can try mixing white marble with other marbles or any other building materials for a different yet pretty look. The range of white marble we have is best in the industry and pocket friendly as well.





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