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The best-selling include-Alaska red granite, Alaska gold, Alaska white, Brazil brown, Tan brown granite:

Available at extremely competitive prices, this gorgeous stone brings a rustic charm to any residential and commercial decor. The stone is a great addition to the beauty of your floors, walls, and countertops.
We are manufacturer, supplier and exporter of Alaska Red Granite. This material is available with us in very good quality with Italian Polish finishing in the form of Slabs & Tiles. We are India’s leading exporter of Indian Natural Stones and specialized in Granite and Marble.
It is an exclusive material for Kitchen Countertops, Flooring, wall claddings etc. The material is very fine, hard and also polishing can be done very efficiently with high gloss mirror finish. Its available in all sizes and thicknesses.

Alaska granite has pale silver and white color with natural and frosty marked on it. Its natural color provides a nice light and modern feel. Its shine and durability make it perfect for the multipurpose uses. Alaska granite can be used for the stair casing and exterior flooring and wall cladding. Alaska white granite mainly contains quartz-feldspar. It has very low water absorption capacity. Alaska granite is quarried in Rajasthan, India and is commonly known as Alaskan White granite, Ice Brown granite, Branco Alaska granite, White Alaska granite, Bianco Alaska granite. It does not require any chemical processing only polishing of surface is required. Alaska granite is ideal for both commercial and residential purpose. Color and design pattern of Alaska granite may vary according to the presence of different minerals. This stone is especially good for exterior – interior wall and floor applications, monuments, countertops, mosaic, fountains, pool and wall capping, stairs, window sills, and other design projects. Alaska granite can be processed into polished, sawn cut, sanded, rock-faced, sandblasted, tumbled and so on.

Having an amalgamation of warm and breezy gold colors, Alaska Gold granite from South India is a perfect beauty famous for its regal looks and golden brown base. Quarried and processed in South India granite processing factories, this unique product from BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP comes to you in standard sizes (square and rectangle), thicknesses, and customized dimensions matching your customized needs. The thing that makes the stone first choice of all is its dynamic surface pattern with unequal streaks and patches in light to dark brown, grey, and black hues.
Available at extremely competitive prices, this gorgeous stone brings a rustic charm to any residential and commercial decor. The stone is a great addition to the beauty of your floors, walls, and countertops.

Brazil Brown Granite is a to a phenomenal degree coarse-rock. It very well may be used as a piece of Kitchen edges, shower tops, stairs, segments, sinks/tubs, pieces. Being one of the central exporters of Brazil Brown Granite, BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP sources the products directly.

BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP is a leading brown granite supplier and exporter from India. In multiple finishes, it offers Tan Brown granite products at competitive prices. Apart from standard sizes and thicknesses, Tan Brown granite products are offered in customized dimensions as per the choice and requirement of customers.
Flecks of black, dark brown and grey tones are evenly spread on the light brown surface of this granite. This granite is quarried in South India and is a good option for both interior and exterior applications.
Available Tan Brown Granite Products: Tiles, gangsaw slabs 260 x 160 cm up in 2 & 3 cm, cutter slabs 180 x 60 cm up in 2 & 3 cm, countertops and vanity tops
Available Brown Granite Finishes: Polished, honed, sandblasted, antique (sandblasted + brushed), bush hammered, bush hammered + brushed, leather, tumbled.
Granite in itself is a natural material and exists in more than 200 varieties across the globe that differ from each other with respect to color palettes, natural streaky patterns on their surface and to some extent, quality. India has a sizeable reserve of high-quality granite with more than 100 varieties quarried both in North and South India. Most of the granite varieties are known by other popular names in different parts of the country and even abroad. Hence, things that require utmost consideration should be quality and choice of colors that best suits your construction requirement.
Highly popular across the globe, Indian granite occurs in an array of eye-pleasing colors, viz., black, brown, blue, gold, green, red and pink. The color usually signifies the base color of the granite with a lot of variation on its surface. Therefore, each color category includes several variants with some differences in terms of additional colors present of the granite surface, veining and streaky design patterns, and uniformity in terms of colors and design patterns. This makes every variant unique in itself and gives you ample of opportunities to choose from several variants within your favorite color category.
It wouldn’t be surprising, if you find visible differences even in two granite slabs that either belong to the same variety or are being extracted from the same block. This feature makes every granite slab very exclusive. Some of the famous Indian granite varieties include Absolute Black, Classic Paradiso, Ghiblee Pink, New Kashmir White, Onida Orange, Desert Green, Chima Pink and Himalayan Blue.

1. Amba White Granite
2. Bash Paradiso Granite
3. Black Galaxy Granite
4. Black Pearl Granite
5. Brown Sparkle Granite
6. Cats Eye Granite
7. Coffee Brown Granite
8. Colombo Juprana Granite
9. Colonial Cream Granite
10. Colonial Gold Granite
11. Coral Green Granite
12. English Teak Granite
13. Ghiblee Granite
14. Golden Oak Granite
15. Green Pearl Granite
16. Hassan Green Granite
17. Himalayan Blue Granite
18. Ikon Brown Granite
19. Imperial Gold Granite
20. Imperial Pink Granite
21. Imperial Red Granite
22. Imperial White Granite
23. Indian Juparana Granite
24. Inkas Gold Granite
25. Ivory Brown Granite
26. Ivory Ciffon Granite
27. Ivory Fantasy Granite
28. Jet Black Granite
29. Kashimir White Granite
30. Kashmir Gold Granite
31. Kuppam Green Granite
32. Lady Dream Granite
33. Lavender Blue Granite
34. Lemon Ice Granite
35. Madurai Gold Granite
36. Milenium Gold Granite
37. Mocha Vyra Granite
38. Moon White Granite
39. Paradiso Granite
40. Raja Gold Granite
41. Raw Silk Granite
42. Raw Silk Ivory Granite
43. Red Multicolor Granite
44. River White Granite
45. Rosewood Granite
46. Sadarhalli Grey Granite
47. Sapphire Blue Granite
48. Sapphire Brown Granite
49. Seaweed Green Granite
50. Shiva Pink Granite
51. Silver Sparkle Granite
52. Siva Gold Granite
53. Spice Black Granite
54. Star Gold Granite
55. Steel Grey Granite
56. Surf Green Granite
57. Tan Brown Granite
58. Tiger Skin Granite
59. Tropical Green Granite
60. Umraw Green Granite
61. Uttakal Brown Granite
62. V Kota White Granite
63. Viskon White Granite
64. Vizag / Orian Blue Granite
65. Vyara Juprana Granite
66. Vyra Gold Granite
67. White Galaxy Granite
68. Yashi Yellow Granite
69. Yellow Juprana Granite
Natural stone for your architectural projects
Natural stone is widely used in construction, external design, indoor wall covering and even to create decorative objects. Marble, onyx and granite products are ecological, resistant to low temperatures and long lasting. These original materials create a unique, luxury atmosphere at home, at the work place or in recreational areas.
Do you want to buy natural stone slabs or genuine Italian marble? You have come to the stone professionals. On our website, you can purchase natural stone from the manufacturer. What’s more, you do not have to worry about the structure or colouring of the desired stone. Our qualified specialists will assist you in selecting the most suitable product, whether tiles or slabs. They will provide you with all the technical information you need based on the characteristics of the product and the intended use in the environment that you need to plan. Buying natural stone from the manufacturer means having a high quality product whilst saving time and money.

On our website, you can purchase marble from the manufacturer quickly and easily. Before placing an order, please contact our specialists. They will assist you in selecting the finish and colour of the stone based on the intended use and the style of the environment.
If you are looking to install natural stone in your new home, Contact us at BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP and we would make your task easy and hassle-free. We also offer door step delivery where it is ensured that the best quality products reach you.
We personally invite designers and architects to find exclusive quality of stone for all types of projects.
BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP has been a reliable partner for all your MARBLE GRANITE AND NATURAL STONE requirements since the year 1631. Decades of experience in the marble industry has made us what we are and we remain grateful to you for contributing to our success.
BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP has exclusive relationships with some of world’s most renowned Architects, Interior designers, Builders, Developers from all around the globe.
From homes or villas, to hotels, we cater to all types of requirements.
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A Granite Collection To Light Up Your Project

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