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by D.C.Bhandari

When it comes to choosing marble, granite, and natural stone, a common question is how to decide on wall and floor stone combinations. Should they coordinate or contrast, be the same shape or different, and feature all the same materials or a mixture.
Architects and Interior Designer design really depends on your personal preferences and your space. But, we have a few reliable formulas for wall and floor Natural Stone combinations that always seem to deliver beautiful results.
colors are a sure way to make a big impact. Dark and light tones play off of each other, making each stand out even more. Below, the dark backdrop also serves to highlight the sleek lines.
Contrasting floor and wall Stones:
The contrast goes glam with this dramatic display that plays up the sumptuous style of Black and White marble like statuario and black marching or makrana white and kadappa stone.

Black, and white marble:
Contrast can be created with color combinations beyond black and white. In a take on the style, a wood-look floor balances grey and white walls with tons of welcoming textures in old temples and forts.
For walls and elevation:
If you’re dreaming of a clean monochromatic color palette, try incorporating different finishes, sizes, shapes or materials on the walls. This adds dimension, texture, and interest to design while keeping it clean. You can also include functional and safety features this way. Here, sandstone is an easy-to-clean option that protects the elevation from spills. The coordinating granite floor is durable and transitions between the surfaces smoothly in the same soft grey color palette.
Glossy and matte subway stones:
People always ask me, ‘If I use ceramic on the floor, don’t I have to use it on the walls ’ The answer is no! Mixing it up creates a more interesting space.
This space demonstrates a perfect example of using mixed materials With wall stone and shower wall, rough granite finish floor, and marble trim pieces, all of these different materials.

We love how these floor and wall stones are so different from one another in finish, shape, size, and material yet coordinate flawlessly. Space works because the color palette is soft and neutral and hints of organic materials add warmth and interest.

Cream laundry room:
The materials on the walls and floor could not be more different, consisting of real wood, wood-look porcelain, and a slate and porcelain mosaic, but they all have a similar rich hue that ties them together.

One of the easiest ways to ensure your design flows together is by using the same collection or series on walls and floors. Collections are also sourced from the same quarry, so, while no two pieces are ever the same due to natural variation.

Purple Milas Lilac marble:
To make designing a coordinated space even easier, we’ve extended it beyond stone. Our proprietary Fired Earth ceramic and porcelain collections, coordinate with our marble collections. This makes adding a special designer touch even easier, Marble trims polish the look to perfection.

Marble and marble-look laundry room:
For the bold at heart, there’s nothing better than an accent wall or floor brimming with striking shapes. Paired with a neutral color, the overall effect is delightful. This hexagon shape garners just enough attention to set this shower apart.

Hexagon shower wall and floor:
Here, a boldly patterned floor is softened with a coordinating, neutral wall.

Square patterned floor:
White subway plus a bold, old-world style encaustic is always a good idea.

Encaustic patterned floor:
One sure way to demonstrate a cohesive look between floors and walls is to pick a neutral or color from one surface and use it on the other. The soft grey wall below perfectly reflect the same mottled grey in the pattered floor.

Blue and white bathroom :
This concept does not have to be all or nothing. A hint of color, like the beachy brown in the floor that’s also found in the chevron stripe on the wall and shower, goes a long way towards tying this room together.

Cream and brown bathroom:
This kitchen plays with a number of different colors.

Kitchen backsplash and floor:
Multiple patterns can get tricky but this space strikes a perfect balance. Surrounding this floral art glass splashback with a neutral frame.

Modern farmhouse:
Bold geometric shapes on the walls and floors and exaggerated contrast?! This look is bold, but the black-and-white palette keeps it clean.

Contrasting black and white hexagon:
Here’s another example of a bold pattern paired with multiple colors. The grey color is reflected in the patterned, and the wood-look floor acts as a neutral that balances the space.

Boldly patterned show:
There are dozens of different wall and floor combinations. It just depends on your desired overall effect—whether it’s eye-catching contrast, calm coordination or eclectic patterns.

Hi, I’m D.C.Bhandari Chairman from BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP living in INDIA, RAJASTHAN, JAIPUR. I love seeing the new and creative ways people use our marble, granite and Natural stone. Our customers are so creative! My favorite design style is preppy traditional mixed with Modern —especially pieces that can be found at a vintage or antique store. I like to invent, travel, search, experiment, to Natural stone podcasts.

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