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Our vision
Nowadays, the workflow in the marble industry is moving at sliding speeds, often resulting in ‘’sacrificing’’ quality standards and losing the personal relationship with the customers. Here at BHANDARI, we like to think differently. The development of personal relations and trust with the customer, the quality, tradition, experience, and effectiveness, are the core values we have been going through all these years. The long-standing experience of our human resources in the industry of marble, the production and sales of building materials, transport services and many other sectors we operate, the high- level of know-how, the state of art factory and the access to a very large range of excellent raw materials, allow us to guarantee flexibility, reliability, quality, experience and a unique customer experience to all our consumers.
BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP, ‘’no’’ is not an option. Our customers only hear solutions and choices that serve their needs and ensure the greatest success of each order and project. In BHANDARI, everything starts and ends with the importance we give to a personal relationship, as we think it is really valuable for healthy and successful cooperation. For exactly this reason, here in BHANDARI, you will find a partner you can trust, human resources with a vast knowledge of marble and other materials, as well as state of the art machines, that allow the architect to use his creativity to the maximum level. What differentiates us from the rest of the marble companies, is our strong desire to adapt ourselves to the needs of the customer, rather than the opposite. In BHANDARI, every order, from a few square meters, up to projects of tens of thousands of meters, is treated equally seriously and responsibly. The quality guarantee of each project and order we undertake, that brings our name on it after it is completed successfully is the greatest satisfaction for us.
In addition to marble and granite, our client/partner can find complete solutions in manufacturing and take advantage of our NATURAL STONEs top products, our packaging products, transport services, etc.

The passion we have for our work at E appears in everything that makes up this company. The projects and the quality of our work may speak for itself, but to successfully complete a project it first goes through an entire process in our facilities, for which we have every reason to be proud. Bhandari’s main facilities, covering a total area of 7.000 square meters, are thought to be a real gem for the marble industry. Four main product segments are located in these facilities:
Block cutting & slab polishing line
Slab cutting & tile polishing line
Customized dimensions production line & Dry Lay
Specialized Robotic Machinery able to shape profiles, columns, edges and to carve marble in any design
Our state of the art equipment includes:
gang saws of blades with a daily production capacity of cutting 65 M3 blocks in 3 shifts/day
the polishing line for tiles with the capacity to polish 1200m2 / day
the polishing line for slabs with the capacity to polish 1200m2 / day
straight-cut wire shaping machine
INTERMEC resin treatment line for slabs
automated bridge cutters/CNC
Donatoni SX 5_400 Multispindle CNC Cutting center
new model BRETON CNC with 5-Axis and lathe
2 QD robotics stone milling machines with 7-Axis
Machinery Equipment: ur facilities, as well as our state-of-the-art mechanical equipment, are the tools that allow us to work without any limitations and to be able to carry out any project.
To explore all possibilities that natural stone has to offer, you need the right partner with the mindset and capacity to support your inspiration without limitations. At Bhandari, we know how to work with natural stone in order to maximize its overall value for your project’s benefit and success. We are equipped with well-trained workforce, specialized machinery that can shape marble in any form according to the architect’s imagination, and we have the scalability to support any size of the project.

Natural stone is Mother Nature’s original green building material. It is neither bonded together by petroleum-based resins nor a technical product. Natural stone flooring, wall cladding and countertops will not need to be replaced for a long time, are 100% into your home and can be cleaned with Ph-neutral dish detergent. After all, what can be greener than a product that comes directly from the earth?
Bhandari is committed to focus on green initiatives and green policies by monitoring and reducing consumption levels, converting environmental efforts into cost-reduction and revenue-generating opportunities whilst promoting the corporate and social responsibilities mandate contained below. Our policy is supported by all employees who will assist in identifying and implementing eco-friendly policies.

Health and Safety:
Eagle operates to the very highest safety standards. We recognize that this is a high-risk business so everyone at Bhandari, whether on quarries or production plants is focused on safety.
The manufacturing industry rightly demands stringent safety procedures. Bhandari readily meets these demands and even takes them a step further.
Our health and safety policy goes above and beyond implementing the latest regulations.
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