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LOW- BUDGET GRANITE-Bhandari Marble Group:

Average Costs by Color, Design & Pattern:
If you want to personalize your material for the kitchen or bath, there are various options to choose from. These include:
• Colors: white, black, blue, red and gold
• Patterns: solid, marbled and speckled
• Finishes: honed, leathered or glossy

Marble pattern transitions color and texture so it looks similar to real marble. Speckled pattern provides a great accent to cabinets and appliances. Honed styles have a matte finish, so the product can look like other materials. You also have options like edging, tiling and backsplashes — various ways to customize your project to meet your needs and design preferences. The more complicated your design, the more expensive it will be. Since this is a tough material, a special design requires equipment and care that increases the price charged by the professional. Some colors and patterns are only available in imported stone, which can increase the price. You might have to compromise on what kind you want to save money in the end.

White Granite, Black Granite and Other Popular Colors:
There are colors that are more abundant and easily available, which makes them less expensive, and some that are harder to come by, making them more expensive. Some are even harder or softer, making them easier or harder to cut, also affecting the overall price.

Where to Buy Cheap Granite:
Here are three reasons to go with a fabricator instead of a local home improvement store:
1. Choices: Home improvement stores have a maximum of about 30 styles of granite. These are considered commodity choices because they’re uniform. Local fabricators, on the other hand, have access to hundreds of unique options.
2. Installation: Local stores don’t personally install the product; they outsource it to a third party. This leads to confusion and hassle if something goes wrong. If you go with a local fabricator who has a contractor on-hand, you’ll have no problem handling any issues that come up.
3. Layout: Local suppliers often take the time to personally lay out and pattern the product to your specifications. A big-box store usually just goes with a pattern.
The best way to get the lowest prices is to shop around. Check prices across multiple suppliers, find out about specials and talk to professionals and fabricators about your options. There are homeowners who have been able to cut their material expenses by as much as 30% by doing their research and weighing their options.

Pros & Cons:
• Better for kitchens with a modern, contemporary look or small kitchens with a simple layout.
• Requires professional care and labor because of the weight.
• Usually takes about a day to put it in
• Will also require re-sealing on occasion, but it will not require maintenance on a regular basis.
• Easier to clean, which makes it better for kitchen function
• Involves laying the materials in a specific way, adding the grout in between and allowing the grout to dry for several hours.
• Best for complicated counter layouts and difficult spaces.
• Can be a good DIY project to save money on your remodel.
• May look low-quality in upscale kitchens.
• Must have a hidden countertop underneath.
• Grout must be sealed apart from the stone, match it exactly, resealed on a regular basis and regularly scrubbed to remove food.
Most homeowners choose slab styles, unless they’re looking for a quick solution. These styles last longer, are easier to put in and come with less maintenance. While they’re less expensive, tiles could be more expensive in the long run.

Why is Granite So Expensive:
Truly, this natural stone has gotten much less expensive than it was a decade ago. Still, the price is determined by several factors, including:
Difficulty of quarrying and extracting the material. Difficulty of cutting and fabricating. For example, red and brown granite are harder in nature, making the cutting process more difficult. .Availability and demand.

What is the Most Inexpensive Type of Granite for a Counter top:
The lowest-price options will come in remnant form or will be standard, level one materials.

What is the Most Expensive Type of Granite:
Blue granite, such as the Blue Louise, is one of the most expensive types. It has a complex quarrying process and is very rare-known as super exotic. Super exotics are the most expensive and most intricate options.

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