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What Is Granite

What is Granite; Varieties, Types, Price, Facts & Use of Indian Granite Stone: Nowadays Granite becomes the material of choice for homeowners for remodelling their houses, kitchen and many more. So here is the complete guide on the introduction of granite and its characteristics, its specification and its uses that will help to satisfy your […]

Grab The Incredible Beauty of Marble & Granite At One Place

GRAB THE INCREDIBLE BEAUTY OF MARBLE & GRANITE AT ONE PLACE-KISHANGARH THE CITY OF MARBLE Marble is beloved as a timeless and classic material, adding a note of luxury to any room. But even on the Remodel and Gardening editorial teams, we’ve run into a few things we wish we had known before we shelled […]

Low Budget Granite-Bhandari Marble Group

LOW- BUDGET GRANITE-Bhandari Marble Group: Average Costs by Color, Design & Pattern: If you want to personalize your material for the kitchen or bath, there are various options to choose from. These include: • Colors: white, black, blue, red and gold • Patterns: solid, marbled and speckled • Finishes: honed, leathered or glossy Marble pattern […]

Indian Vs Italian Marble- Which One Suits Better To Your Home Interior

Indian vs Italian Marble: What Works Best For Your Home BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP When it comes to marble, you have two options that are immensely popular in Indian homes. Both Indian marble and Italian marble are amazing choices for your flooring or surface top needs. But how do you pick the right marble that’s perfect […]

Marble Granite & Stone

WELCOME TO BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP The pioneer group of Marble, Granite and Natural stone Whether you’re a landscaper, a builder, civil contractor or home renovator and you’re building a public promenade, creating a sculpture, or constructing a garden feature wall. BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP Bhandari Marble Group has stone right Marble sandstone or granite product for […]

Some FAQ’s Related Marble Granite & Stone

SOME COMMON FAQ’s RELATED TO MARBLE, GRANITE AND NATURAL STONE- BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP At BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP we strive to provide you with the best selection of marble, granite and stone slabs including all the popular marble, granite and natural stone colours described above. Selecting right marble, granite and natural stone color for your project […]


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