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What Is Kota Stone?

Kota Stone is a naturally available limestone with an elite blend of shades. It is usually available in the Kota, Rajasthan, India . Kota stone is well known for its attractive colors. However, the Brown, Grey and Green color is the popular. Other colors are – Black, Pink, Grey, and Beige. Kota Stone mainly used in two finishes- Rough and Polish finish.

What Are The Colours of Kota Stone?

The greenish-blue and brown colours of this stone contribute to its popularity. Other colors are black, pink, grey, and beige. When used for building, the stone is mainly used for exteriors, but will also work when used for interiors.

What Are the Price of Kota Stone?

Kota Stone is a limestone and famous for its low price and beautiful colors. People like Kota stones due to its charming. It is the cheapest stone s among the other natural stones. Price of Kota Stone is depends on the size, thickness and colour also.

What Are The Sizes of Kota Stone?

Kota Stone is available in natural shades and it can be cut in to any size and shape as per the requirement . Kota stone are available in different sizes slab/ tiles of 30×30, 40×40, 30×60, 40×60, 60×60, 50 x50, 55×55, and 60×90 centimeters.

What Are the Advantages of Kota Stone?

• Beautiful
• Hygienic
• Natural
• Affordable
• non-water absorbent,
• non-slippery

What are the Limitations of Kota Stone?

• Flaking
• Lusterless
• Small Size
• Many Joints

What Are The Uses of Kota Stone?

• Kota stones can be used in Exteriors, Pathways, Corridors, Driveways, and Balconies etc.
• It is an excellent building stone for humid regions and freezing regions, and it is non-porous and non-observant to water.
• Kota Stone is the ideal flooring material in the building and out side the building to impart a stronger and luxurious look to the floors

Is Kota Stone Good For Flooring?

Due to it’s durability and affordability, it is the most preferred choice among natural stones in large spaces like industries and commercial buildings and homes of eco-conscious people. It is sometimes used as a wall cladding because of its natural colouring and sheen. They are available in slabs and tiles form and can be set in any pattern of flooring.
Kota, being non-porous and moisture resistant, is a hygienic flooring option in humid regions. Unlike Marble or Granite, Kota stone is very affordable. In fact it is the cheapest stone among other natural stones. Kota is available in beautiful colours like black, pink, grey and beige.

What Are The Finishes of Kota Stone?

Kota stone can be finished in various ways according to requirement such as Natural Cleft both faces, one side Honed, Both sides Honed, Hand Cut/Machine Cut/ Polished, Mirror Finish and Calibrated etc.


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