Italian marble, Indian marble, and Imported marble:


Italian marble, Indian marble and Imported marble:

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Italian marble
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Indian marble

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Imported marble in India

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Imported marble price in India

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Marble Rock
Marble is a metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite. Marble is typically not foliated, although there are exceptions. In geology, the term marble refers to metamorphosed limestone, but its use in stonemasonry more broadly encompasses unmetamorphosed limestone.

Types of marble: compositions and origins

Mostly 3 types of Marble available in our company:

Italian marble,

Imported marble,

Indian marble,

Types of marble “marble varieties” have, since ancient times, been named in various ways. The use of marble, typical in the classical era Indian, Egypt, Greek, and Roman architecture is still relevant today. It’s veining, fine colors and exclusive brightness make it the preferred material for every kind of surface covering; furthermore, marble is often utilized for decorating the interiors of refined and sophisticated settings, and in high profile public and private locations such as home villa, hotel, Resort, Mall, Tower, School, hospital, office, showroom, etc.

Indian marble like Italian marble belongs to a category common to all natural stones, but at the same time is distinct, being of a more precious kind, and valued for its unique characteristics.

Elegant types of marble:

type of marble elegant:

Types of marble:

Classified by origan:

Indian marble:

Indian Marble is known for its durability, color, hardness,
Freshness, beautiful textures, strength, and durability. Indian beautiful marble in quality and natural shine to use for commercial and residential purposes.

Now Indian marble is highly in fashion all around the world.
We Bhandari marble group manufacturing,
Exporting and supplying Indian marble to USA, UK, UAE, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Rasia, Poland, Holand, Belgium, Turkey, Egypt, France, Switzerland,
Morrisons, Kenya, Morocco, South Africa, Tanzania, India, Saudi Arab, Katar, Kuwait, Dubai, Bahrain, Emirates,
Singapure, China, Hongkong, Bangladesh, Shri lanka, Nepal, Maleshiya, Bhutan, Japan, Austreliya, Newziland and more then 75 Countries.

The classification by composition
A first macro level categorization of the types of marbles available in nature, can be traced on the basis of composition, as follows:

pure calcareous marble
composed of large crystals, these marble are pure, without fossils inside. They are divided into saccharides, static marble, alabaster, and travertine. They can be produced in white or colored. The saccharoid marbles are so-called because they look like crystallized sugar, while the static marbles are made of crystals resulting from precipitation due to oversaturation. The alabaster marble is of stalactite origin and has a compact, translucent, reddish, or brownish appearance, derived from water deposits inside cavities. Last but not least, travertine marbles, white or yellow-brown in color, are the result of a process that contributes to its porous formation with the many vacuoles typical of this stone.

Rainforest marble, Fantasy Brown marble, Botticino marble, Brescia marble, pellets marble,
D Martino marble, Dyna marble, in the colorful marble types.

Makrana white marble, Statuario marble, Viatnam white marble, Thossos white marble, Calacautta marble, Carrara marble, Vanetino marble, Wonder white marble, Milky white marble, Banswara white marble, Ambaji white marble, Agariya white marble, pure white marble, Onyx white marble, etc. are flawless white marble quality available with us.

Onyx marble, Semi-precious marble are gem stone marble manufacturer, supply and export by our company all around the World.

Serpentine marbles

Also known as green marble, they take their name from a siliceous stone called serpentine, mixed with limestone. Sometimes they are in darker colors, closer to yellow or blue We introduce these marble to World.

grey serpentine marble flooring and wall tiles, contact | Marble floor, Wall tiles, Floor and wall tile

Marble designs:
Marble designs are radically changing and also emerging countries are starting to have an impact on the luxury interior design sector. Currently, we can summarize the major varieties used in design as follows:

Kenya, Marocco, South Africa, Egypt, Tunisia, Ethiopia, Algeria
Turkey, Italy, Spain, Greece, Belgium, France, Czech Republic, and Ireland,
America United States, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, and Canada. Types of marble originating from African countries
The most commercial types of marble from Africa are located in Egypt, Ethiopia, Tunisia, Algeria, and Ethiopia. African Union 3' x 5' Polyester World Flag SET-56 Polyester  3'x5' Flags, One Flag for Each Country in The African Union, Includes The  African Union Flag: Office Products

Types of marble originating from Asia
In the western area of the Asian continent, we find marble of remarkable quality and prestige.

Take for example the pure white Makrana marble, used extensively in the famous Taj Mahal, a World Heritage site, and one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

Taj Mahal | Definition, Story, History, & Facts | Britannica

The Proconesio marble originated from Turkey, Greek name in the Marmara sea, so-called from the Greek word ‘Marmaros ‘marble widely used during the Roman empire, between the 1st B.C. and the 5th century A.D.

Flag of Turkey - Wikipedia

Oman and Iran are blessed with marbles of ancient tradition.

Flag of Iran - Wikipedia

Italian marble:
Italy is one of the main countries in Europe involved in the Marble market. Italian marble is amongst the most luxurious and requested around the world.

Statuario marble, Calcutta marble, Carrara marble, Botticino Classico Marble, yellow Siena marble, and the red Verona marble, Dyna marble, Breccia marble, Golden Portaro marble, Valentino marble are the most popular marble in the World.

Statuario and Calacutta marble are the best Italian marble by Bhandari marble group.

Spain is the home of the popular Nero Marquina, black marble with white veins that sporadically tend to green marble, characterized by a thin and compact grain. This marble is extracted in Marquina, a Basque village so named after its stone. Other noteworthy varieties of marble originating from Spain are the Dark Emperador and Crema Marfil.

File:Flag of Spain.svg - Wikipedia
Polished Nero Marquina Black Marble Tile for Floor/Wall - China Nero  Marquina Marble, Nero Marquina Marble Tile |

Greece is another marble producer in Europe for marble production, with a wide range of varieties of marble. Thassos, Pies, Sivec, and Ariston are popular varieties of white marble.

Flag of Greece - Wikipedia

The Marble City
Known as marble kingdom of World and Bhandari marble group the king of Marble.

Types of marble originating from American continent
The varieties of marble of greatest importance on this continent are extracted from countries: Brazil, United States, Mexico and Argentina.

The elegant types of white and black marble
Mosaics in the main lobby of the five-star hotel in Dubai.

Flag of the United Arab Emirates - Wikipedia
Find the Best Palazzo Versace 5 Star Luxury Hotel in Dubai | Venue.Event

Types of precious marble
In addition to the famous Statuario, Calcutta, and Carrara marble, another type of precious marble is perlato di Sicilia also called Botticino di Sicilia. From the light ivory color and the warm brown veins, some coatings with this type of marble are found in Basilica.

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Italian marble, Indian marble, and Imported marble:

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