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Granite has many advantages as flooring material as compared to other materials:

Granite is available in a wide range of colors. Some of the patterns are very attractive and have natural beauty and characteristics.
They can resist water seepage as they are not pours material.
It is very easy to maintain because it has highly shiny surface.
Its hard surface can withstand high traffic area.
If you are looking for a floor that you don’t want to replace, granite is an exceptional option as its hard surface can easily last life time.
The color of granite does not fade.
Granite is resistant to stains as long as it is sealed.
It can resist very high temperatures, due to its fire and heat resistant properties.

There are different types of finishes applied to granite tiles available in the market: Polished granite, Honed granite, flamed granite, and Brushed granite.

Polished granite: It is suitable for low traffic areas as it produces a high shine.

Honed granite: It is recommended to high traffic areas and isn’t reflective like polished granite.

Flamed granite: It is for outdoor applications.

Brushed granite: The brushed finish makes the granite’s surface appear closed, finely structured and silky.

Some Benefits of buying granite floor tiles:

Durability: It is impossible to break granite tile. We can use granite tile for longer duration with proper care.

Hypoallergenic qualities: If you have asthma or any other allergies, granite is a fantastic flooring option. It gives more resistance to bacteria and allergens.

Value for money: It is cheap and available at low price.

Resistance to water and moisture: Granite is extremely resistant to water and moisture, which can cause damage your flooring and be harming to health.

Frequently Asked Questions About Granite Countertops

1.Should granite or marble be used for kitchen countertops?
Traditionally granite is used for kitchen countertops and marble is more often used for bathroom surfaces. Marble scratches much easier than granite does and when marble comes into contact with substances that are highly acidic – those substances can negatively affect the marble. Granite, on the other hand, is not subject to scratching, etching, or warping and is a great choice when choosing the material for new kitchen countertops.

2.Can I cut on granite countertops or put hot pots on the surface
Granite is one of the hardest stone substances in the world and will not be affected by knives or typical kitchen heat. That being said, if you do decide to cut directly on granite then you can expect to have dull knives after only a few uses. Hot pots can be set directly on granite, but be aware that the granite will absorb the heat and be hot to the touch after the pot is removed from the surface.

3. Can granite countertops be damaged
Granite is a durable substance that is much harder than marble and can withstand most elements like heat and cold. High impact blows can harm granite and granite can chip due to its crystallized structure. If not properly sealed, granite can absorb substances, such as oil, which can cause discoloration or spots to form.

4. Can granite be repaired if damaged
It is extremely difficult to damage granite, but if it does happen then there are certain ways to fix it. A crack or etch can be can sealed with a mixture of ground up granite and epoxy.

5. Does granite stain
Granite does not stain if sealed properly; however, granite, like all stone, is porous to a minimal degree which makes it susceptible to stains if left unsealed. Occasionally, if liquid is left on the granite surface for an extended amount of time, it may leave a dark spot behind it. This will fade as the granite dries, but if granite is properly sealed before installation, stains should not be a problem.

6. Does granite harbor bacteria
According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are no current records that state granite has been noted as harboring bacteria. Granite is continuously chosen to be used in the food industry as well as the medical field due to its sanitary qualities. With regular cleaning and care, there are practically zero chances that granite countertops in the kitchen will harbor bacteria and cause an illness. In fact, granite is far more sanitary than butcher block countertops and laminated materials.

7. What is the best way to clean granite countertops
Granite countertops are sealed prior to installation which guarantees that its beauty will last for a long time; however sealed granite still needs to be cleaned. Dish soap, powdered soap, and all-purpose cleaners that are approved for use with natural stone are all products that can be used on granite countertops without damaging them.

8. Are granite countertops expensive
Granite countertops are an investment that should be made by homeowners who are remodeling a kitchen and looking for long-lasting materials to use. That being said, thanks to improved upon technology – granite is now very affordable. At Savvy Home Supply, we offer granite countertops in 8 different colors starting at $38 per square foot when you order a minimum of 40 feet.Will granite countertops raise the value of a home?

The short answer is yes, granite countertops will raise the value of a home. This is due to the durability and long-lasting quality of the stone surface. Granite countertops are practically impenetrable and compliment any decorative style which makes them an ultimate investment for years to come.

9. Why should I choose granite over other materials
Granite is a top choice when it comes to countertops for industry professionals including architects, cabinetmakers, designers, and contractors which makes it an industry standard. Homeowners should be aware of what industry professionals are opting for when making their own decisions on remodeling projects. While it is a little pricier of an investment to make, installing granite countertops is a one-time job that will last for years and years without any need for repair or replacement.

P White Granite & S White Granite

This type of Granite is cream and White in color.This is usually P white granite & S white granite .It has the spread of cream and white patches all over it.

Granite is one of the most popular countertop materials and provides a spectacular look that many other countertop materials cannot. Here are some advantages of using granite countertops in kitchen.

Granite is an attractive natural stone that will add color and warmth to your kitchen.
Granite is tough stone with high durability. It will not scratch easily. With proper installation and maintenance.
It needs small effort to keep it clean.
Granite countertops will easily bear the heat of almost anything that you can subject to it. You can put hot pot and pans on the top of it and it will not get damaged.
Granite countertops are highly water resistant. If you spill water or any other liquid on the countertop, there is no risk of it seeping inside and causing damage or staining.
Being smooth and without pores, granite kitchen countertops will be free of bacteria and dirt.

The most common types of granite are:
Himalayan Blue Granite
Imperial White Granite
Imperial Red Granite
Steel Grey Granite
Black Pearl Granite
Ruby Red Granite
Hassan Green Granite
Sapphire Blue Granite
Rajasthan Black Granite
Kashmir White Granite
Mokalsar Green Granite
Blue Pearl Granite
Emerald Pearl Granite
Red Multicolor Granite
Sira Grey Granite
Viscon White Granite



Choosing between granite and quartzite worktops can be a difficult decision. But it can be easy to decide the one best suited to you by comparing the two by various factors such as cost, durability, maintenance, etc.


In terms of maintenance, both the stones require regular sealing but can last for a long time without the need for repair. Both the stones are durable and are resistant to chemicals making them long-lasting and a popular choice with homeowners.


Both these materials are highly used in bathrooms and kitchens. When cost is concerned, the value for both varies significantly. But, again this is a grey area, as depending on your choice, colour, stone, finish etc., the cost can vary across the varieties of granite and quartz also.

Many homeowners are opting for this highly durable, contemporary and more stain resistant alternative to Granite.

Durability: Quartz is one the hardest materials on the planet. This means it has a higher scratch resistance than granite and won’t chip or crack easily.

2. Upscale Conformity: Contemporary and upscale attractiveness. Because it is considered engineered stone, colors are uniform from the showroom to what you see after installation.
Flexibility: It’s hard but more flexible to install than granite.


A series of material originally known as “Nano white,” is not so popular among home owners because people are completely aware of about the benefits. Basically, it is available in white color only. The reason why this stone catches all eyes is that it is stone with glass stone surface and looks like an artificial white marble. Due to its brightness and gloss this white marble product makes its way into your kitchen as countertop. This nano white marble material is available in three different series: G3, G4 and G5. In terms of quality, G5 is the best one.

Nano white material is not produced in India. It is imported from China. Recently, this stone has been launched here in India. You can make a difference between all these stone types on the basis of how they are cut. G5 Stone is used not only as Kitchen Counter top but also as a unique material for window framing, door framing, Indian seating, flooring, and dining table top.

Pros of nano white marble:

It doesn’t absorb when comes in contact with acid. It will stay the way it was.
It is a rough and tough material.
It is also a long lasting and durable.


Kishangrah is the marble hub of the world.

These are the best manufacturers, suppliers & exporters of natural stones, granite, marble, sand stone and Indian marbles for various uses:


Using marble in interiors can grant an opulent look and generate a character in your ambience. Marble ages beautifully, and adds quality to your life while blending luxury in it with an easy grace. This rich flavour of luxury, one that you can almost savour, is effectively visible after the completion of the designing project.

Knowing which marble to choose and how to choose it, is a tedious task for those who don’t quite know what to look for. Re-modelling projects catered by individuals sometimes go extremely haywire in the absence of correct information about the application of the marble so chosen. Architects and interior designers are, hence, on a constant hunt for best products to specify their clients. Italian marble: Widely appreciated for its high lustre and imparting visual appeal to the area where it’s used, Italian marble is quarried in Italy and is now easily available in India as well. Italian marble is one of the most sought after because of rarity of the material. Italian marble is a versatile stone and can be used in many areas of the house. It is well known as a flooring material and it has been widely used in bathrooms as floor tiles, wall cladding and vanity tops. It also makes great table tops and kitchen worktops where practicality meets subtle elegance.

Italian marble slabs can be used in luxury bathrooms to create impressive bespoke wall cladding that doubles as a piece of art.

Italian marble –

Italian marble, like the Indian counterpart comes in a variety of colors and textures, though there are a few varieties which are instantly recognizable such as:

The much valued Statuario marble which is characterised by its white color shot with grey or gold veins
Golden hued Botticino marble which seems to be lit from within
Light grey Carrara marble which features dispersed, fine, feathery veining
Calacatta, with its feathery veins and creamy background has become one of the most popular marbles.
We brings Indian marble granite and natural stone for your home villa hotel and projects the best international standards Marble granite and natural stone from the world finest quarries to give your modern Home villa hotel and projects a pure look of class & long lasting.

Your home villa hotel and projects should tell the story of what your dreams, and Bhandari Marble Group collection of marble granite and natural stone makes what you think flooring elevation and decoration.






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