White Marble

White Marble
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White Marble is a metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite. White Marble is typically not foliated, although there are exceptions.
Which is the best white marble?
For those looking to add white marble into their home, take a look at these different types of marble and their best uses.
White Statuario Marble. This popular white marble has a clean look with its subtle gray hues.
*Calacatta Marble.
*Carrara Marble.
*Thassos Marble.
*Makrana White Marble,
*Vietnam white marble,
*Morwad white marble,
*Agriya white marble,
*Ambaji white marble,
*Banswara white marble,
*Milky white marble,
*Wonder white marble,
*White Kishangarh marble etc.
Is white marble expensive?
Statuario Marble Cost Mined in Carrara, Italy, Statuario marble is white marble and is the most expensive of all marble coming in at 500 per square foot to 5000₹ per square foot. Other white marbles start from 50 ₹ to 500₹ per Square Feet.
What is white marble made of?
when limestone is subjected to high pressure or heat. In its pure form, marble is a white stone with a crystalline and sugary appearance, consisting of calcium carbonate (CaCO3). Usually, marble contains other minerals, including quartz, graphite, pyrite, and iron oxides.
Which marble is best for a home?
White marble slabs are one of the best options for flooring material due to its beautiful and pure look.
White marble is the most likely choice for homes as the white color adds elegance and create serenity in the atmosphere.
How much does white marble cost?
As you’ll soon see, the average white marble cost per square foot varies quite a bit: The average minimum cost of white marble is $40/sf. The average maximum cost of marble is $100/sf. The average cost of marble countertops is $60/sf.
Is white marble good for flooring?
White Marble has a number of notable advantages as a flooring material: Elegant style: The biggest advantage of the white marble floor is that it can instantly elevate the appearance of a space, giving it a regal bearing that is hard to imitate.
How long do white marble floors last?

Our stock answer is that your floor should stay looking good for one to thirty years. Some floors may last up to fifty years without requiring attention.
How do you make white marble shine again?
Dry the white marble top with a chamois cloth. Buff, it to shine by rubbing the entire surface with the cloth in small circles. Cover the surface with commercial stone polish or marble-polishing paste if you want more shine after buffing with a chamois. If using a spray-on stone polish, wipe with a soft rag.

White Marble

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