What are the best Italian marble flooring designs, colors, and prices in India?

best Italian marble flooring designs, colors,

What are the best Italian marble flooring designs, colors and price in India?

Best quality Italian marble in quantity with more than 500 shades at the best price available in India by Bhandari marble group, the pioneer group of Italian Marble in India.

Statuario Marble Price

White Statuario Marble in India:

White Statuario is the best quality with maximum white color & grey veins dramatic designs most popular precious marble in India. White Statuario Italian marble is one of the most beautiful marble in pure white color. Every Architect, Interior designer, Engineer wants to give a unique look and pattern on your floor then statuario is the option. It adds brightness to your room.
It is available in Random Slabs sizes of 4’0″x 9’0″, 3’6″ x 7’0″, 4’0″ x 8’0″
Statuario Marble is available in 15mm to 18 mm thickness.
Where you can use :
Living Room, Kitchen, Reception, Bedroom, Lobby Area.
Buying guidelines for best Italian marble flooring Types, Designs, Colors, Price, Size, Thickness, Durability, etc.

statuario marble flooring

In short All about Italian marble:
Wow, Italian marble!
Cozy and charming!
Bold and beautiful!
Long-lasting and eye-catching!
One of the best gifts of Mother Earth!
Italian marbles are the premium quality, status symbol marble flooring surfaces that are considered to be the best choice for the flooring surfaces of your home villa hotel resort, projects, and office to add more glossy and elegance to your flooring surfaces. Italian marbles come in different colors, designs, types, sizes, and thicknesses. Italian marble has a fine texture and is available at Bhandari marble group India higher quality with quantity and the best competitive price. Many types of Italian marble should be checked before buying Italian Marble. We hope that our collection of Italian marble and our expert’s Purchasing Guideline would help you in selecting Italian Marble flooring.

Best Quality White Italian Marble At Best Price In India

White Italian Marble
The most popular white Italian marble varieties are Statuario, Calacatta, and Carrara white marble flooring. These white Italian marble can sometimes resemble each other, but there are differences in types, colors, and veining that are important to understand in order to choose the best suitable for your flooring.
Italian marble raw blocks are imported from Italy in India and processed in India, exported to all over India and World. Our Italian marble is high quality, long-lasting, proper finish and polish, tight-packed in the wooden carriage, on-time delivery, most modern machines more than 387 years experience in marble and 51 years experience in Italian marble has high demand and supply by us all around the world. A most famous type of Italian marble is White Statuario marble, Calacatta Gold Marble, Carrara white marble, Bottchino classic marble, Perlato Royal marble, Royal Dyna marble, Brescia Aurora marble, Blue Brescia marble, Arbescato marble, Veneto marble, Rosso Levante marble, Saroengento marble, D martini marble, Sicilia marble, Calacutta or marble, golden Portoro marble, Red Alicante marble, and beige marble, etc.

Italian marble flooring designs

Italian Marble Flooring for Modern Home villa, hotels, resorts, restaurants, offices, shopping malls, residential towers, flats, hospitals, colleges, townships.
Italian Marble is used in quantity and various types. The trend of using this Italian marble is now hot and getting more and more trendier. All the different types and patterns are useful in different choices and created Wow feelings. Selecting of Best Italian marble with types of finish and polish, size, and thickness for the flooring surface requires proper knowledge and attention We Bhandari Marble Group expert team help 24 × 7 ready to help you. In this block, we have shortlisted some of the most important points for Italian Marble flooring those are very helpful in selecting any particular type of Italian marble for flooring.

Italian marble flooring Strength:
The real Italian Marble is normally r than the regulars. Their stiffness is quite revealed in the outlook itself. There are few marbles that are not intended for tougher fixing. One should avoid such soft types of marble if they are to get used at homes or even at offices. To check the strength of the Italian Marble is the first priority of purchase guidelines.

Difference Between Italian Marble And Indian Marble
Difference Between Italian Marble And Indian Marble

Italian marble Texture:
Dramatic Texture is another point that should be appealing while buying the marble. The Italian Marble is available in many textures. It’s most beautiful and long-lasting is White Statuario marble texture for flooring. The crystalline texture of White Statuario marble is most attractive for buying. The pure white color background and eye-catching grey veins make it the most appropriate designs are some of the most prominent measures while buying Italian Marble flooring.
Excellent White Statuary Marble for lobby, reception, rooms, Bathroom, kitchen, and staircase Interior Design.
White Statuario Marble has its own sound. The sound should be a perfectly ringing sound while making struck to the White Statuario marble. We the Bhandari marble group India, a team of knowledgeable experts help you to identify the sound and can choose the most appropriate Italian marble flooring required for your own use. Our Research and development team always invent new finishes and polishing style that is very helpful in installing Italian marble, we have our own team of contractors for Instaling Italian marble covered porch, elevation, Bathroom, bedroom, hall, lobby, dining space, kitchen, staircase, excellent Italian marble bathroom, interior design ideas, Italian marble ideas, Italian marble kitchen, marble bathroom design, marble flooring for modern homes, White Statuario Marble.

Italian Beige Marble

We are the pioneer manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Italian Marble in India. Thank you to choosing the world’s top experience marble company for your flooring surfaces. We have the best and biggest collection of Italian marble in India. Yes, we can provide all the types, quality, size, thickness, finishes, polish, fixing team of contractors, details with the best price.  We have ultra-modern machines and skilled laborers to finish every type of size and thickness, and we also customize according to the Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers, hoteliers, Big projects, Builders, resorts, and mall customer need.  The price of Italian marble depends on the variation, color, variety, and size of slabs and thickness For more details visit our website.

We can supply you any quantity in quantity with the most comparative price of Italian marble because we are a direct Importer and our CEO personally visit Italy for the best blocks of Italian marble. Please visit our factory outlet showroom or book online. Our factory in India, Rajasthan, Kishangarh. We are very keen to supply you with an Italian Marble for flooring at competitive prices. Our Italian marble is beautiful, strong, homogeneous, eye-catching, cozy, and charming. Our Italian marble can be used as flooring, elevation, decoration, countertops, wall cladding, staircase, Monuments, and land escaping, etc.

What are the best Italian marble flooring designs, colors, and prices in India?

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