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Add a touch of flair and elegance to your spaces with these architectural marble stone and granite solutionsTheInfinitymarble by Bhandari, one of India’s top marble stone & granite manufacturers, has launched a line of Architectural floor and wall surfaces solutions that will illuminate your surroundings with the ideal balance of elegance. by DC BHANDARI CHAIRMAN […]

The Luxury Stone : Marble’s Timeless Allure

Introduction: Marble, the epitome of luxury and timeless elegance, transcends mere construction material to become a statement of sophistication. In this blog, we embark on a captivating journey into the world of The Infinity Luxurious Marble, exploring its various facets, the Indian options available, and the supply network that defines opulence.   1. The Luxury […]


BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP’SBENEFITS OF GRANITEHOW TO SELECT GRANITEDREAM HOMEFLOORING, ELEVATION DECORATION AND KITCHEN COUNTERTOPSBy D.C.BHANDARICHAIRMANBHANDARI MARBLE GROUP,SINCE 1631To people who are busy planning out the interiors to their new home, research is crucial. A lot of layout decisions and interior designing messes are ironed out once homeowners do their due diligence. One of the more popular […]


ARE YOU AN ARCHITECT OR AN INTERIOR DESIGNER? BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP WELCOMES YOU TO A STONE ABODE FULL OF OPTIONS AND DESIGNS: TO KNOW MORE, CALL US AT +91-9672941111/9116341111 or mail us at or stone is widely used in construction, external design, indoor wall covering and even to create decorative objects. Marble, onyx and granite products are ecological, resistant to low temperatures and […]


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