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World’s best marble Statuario Marble or Carrara marble, Statuario marble comes from mountain quarries in Carrara city of Italy, primum Natural stone from Northern Tuscany.

Stone of the ultimate for upcoming Centuries : Statuario Marble

Since from many centuries Statuario Marble is most popular stone for flooring, elevation, decoration, countertops, architectural carving, statues, furniture and in the opinion of our most experienced Chairman this the most demanding and popular natural stone for upcoming many centuries.
Popularly known for its ultra-luxurious natural surface texture and looks, Statuario Marble is an excellent marble option for a prestigious building construction.

Statuario Marble slabs and Tiles:
The Infinity luxurious Imported Marble by Bhandari marble group India provide best quality with quantities and competitive price Statuario Marble slabs and Tile is a high-quality marble slabs and Tile quarried from the mountains in Italy.

Architects, designers, Builders, Hoteliers, contractors, Exporters, Wholesalers, distributors, Importers, Dealer Ask us Why to Choose Statuario Marble Most precious Natural Stone from the heart of Italy and introduced in India by Bhandari marble group India?

Most popular, Most demanding, most searches on Google Statuario Marble is a type of marble that is found in the Carrara Mountains of Italy 🇮🇹 and processed by Bhandari marble group in India 🇮🇳.

Why Statuario Marble called Italian Statuario Marble?
Quarries from Carrara that’s why It’s name Italian Statuario Marble.
Italian Statuario Marble is a more exclusive stone. The specialty ofcthis natural stone is flawless white background and distinct gray and gold veining throughout the slab and a striking, bold pattern make it prestigious marble of Mother Nature.

Statuario Marble Types & Finishes

Statuario Marble is composed primarily of crystalline limestone with other features. When a sedimentary rock, which is a limestone, is exposed to high temperatures and pressure then after many centuries it convert into Statuario Marble.


Backed by opulent industry expertise and acquaintance in Indian Marble from since 1631 and Italian marble since 1969 we, The Infinity luxurious Imported Marble by Bhandari marble group India World’s top and India’s best Marble manufacturer are providing a wide series of Statuario Marble Stone to the patrons, designs, finishes, types etc.

Populer Statuario Marble at best price in India

As above we can understand most appealing marble is called Italian Statuario Marble. With a dramatic, strong pattern with noticeable grey and gold veining throughout the slab make it priceless beautiful, cozy and charming ✨ Durable Natural marble. The price of Statuario Marble start from ₹500 to ₹5000 per square feet or $70 to 700 per square meter.

The Infinity luxurious Imported Marble by Bhandari marble group India are Statuario Marble Stone Wholesaler New Delhi, Mumbai, Kishangarh, Rajasthan, India, Bangalore, USA, UK, UAE, Bahrin, Oman, Iraq, Africa, Canada, Kuwait, France, Germany, Australia, Ethiopia, Kenya, China, Madagascar, and more then 55 countries.

We are Wholesaler of Statuario Marble – Statuario Marble Stone, White Statuario Marble, Statuario Cararra Marble and Statuario Italian Marble offered by The Infinity.

White Italian Statuario Marble
Statuario Italian Marble is ideal for injecting a unique aesthetic into flooring, elevation, decoration, countertops, architectural carving and kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities. Benefits of our Statuario Marble is adding your projects value 👌 and eye catching appearance.

Statuario Marble: Buy Premium Italian Marble suppliers
Our Statuario Marble is an Italian marble quarried from the Carrara region in Italy and supplied in India by Bhandari. It is considered the whitest possible natural stone due to its high calcium and best texture.

Architects and Interior Designers ask what is the difference between Statuario, Calacatta and Carrara Marble – our ceo Mr Rahul reply:
Statuario marble is most exclusive stone with distinct gray and gold veining throughout and a striking, bold pattern and most popular use is flooring surfaces.

Calacatta gold marble :
Most Dramatic this marble is cozy and charming and mostly used in wall cladding and bathroom.

Carrara marble: mostly Carrara marble is budget-friendly and used as low budget houses and projects.

Buy Stunning Statuario Marble Wall and Floor slabs and Tiles Online

Stunning Statuario Marble · MRP Rs 500 to 5000 · Material: Natural Italian marble slabs· Finish: rough, polish and Matte Finish · Type: Flooring and Wall slabs and Tiles.

Bhandari Marble Group India is also White Indian Statuario Marble manufacturers, suppliers, Exporters, Price, Flooring Slabs Supplier

We introduce Italian Statuario Marble as well as Indian Statuario Marble, this is one of the unique Indian marble product which is famous for its beautiful textures and vein.
Our Indian Statuario Marble · our Indian Marble Flooring Slabs and Tiles Right For Home, villa, hotel, and projects · Choose Indian Statuario Marble slabs and Tiles from biggest collection of our Statuario marble in India.
Statuario Marble – Statuario Marble slabs and Tiles Suppliers from India to all around the World 🌎
We are Statuario Marble one of the leading suppliers of Carrara, Calacatta and Statuario Marble, Slabs & Tiles and Marble based in India. We are specialized in Statuario
Marble slabs and tiles.

Statuario Marble Best Price, Dealers, Manufactures In Kishangarh The Infinity Luxurious Imported Marble by Bhandari marble group India
Our Statuario marble is a more premium stone with strong grey and gold veining and a dramatic, strong pattern. Statuario marble has thick, powerful natural stone available in kishangarh every size and thickness.
Get express Delivery on Bhandari’s Statuario Marble
Use, Flooring surfaces, wall cladding. Type Italian Marble. Generic Name, Marble Slab. Brand, BHANDARI. Marble Type, Statuario Marble. Rate this Product. Similar Products Carrara white and Calacatta Gold marble.

Statuario Marble Cleaning and Polishing
Our Statuario marble originates from an area in Carrara, Italy, It is pure white in color and accented with gray veins throughout the slabs make it appropriate for indoor floor. Mostly sealed this stone before fixing and all care same to natural stone.

The Infinity luxurious Imported Marble| Statuario Marble, Marble from Italy
Statuario Marble.
Italian Statuario Marble – Indian Satuario we are Marble Manufacturer from Kishangarh
Manufacturer of Italian Statuario Marble – Indian Satuario White Marble offered by The Infinity Luxurious Imported Marble by Bhandari marble group Kishangarh, Rajasthan.
Italuan Statuario and Indian Statuario Marble Manufacturer from Kishangarh – Bhandari
Manufacturer of Indian Marble – Indian Statuario Marble, Banswara White Marble, Indo Italian White Marble and Wonder white marble.

Exotic Statuario: The new age Italian Marble from the Infinity luxurious Imported Marble
Found in the mountain quarries of Italy, this marble has a high demand and limited availability so most precious marble of the world. It has a unique set of aesthetic Michelangelo’ Devid a single stone.
Michelangelo Marble | Statuario Marble | White Marble Flooring by The Infinity
We offers you a variety of marble like statuario marble, Calacatta gold marble, Carrara white marble, michelangelo marble, and white marble at the best price at your door steps.


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Statuario Marble Basin | Marble Bathroom Sinks
Quarried in Italy, Statuario Marble is an exclusive Natural stone with a pure white background and dramatic, gorgeous veining.
the price of Italian statuario marble is ₹ 500 to ₹5000 and Indian statuario marble ₹100 to ₹500 per square feet. the thickness of the statuario marble slab is 18 mm we can customize every thickness and size.

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