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Marble stone is formed from limestone, super heated to form its unique crystalline structure. Our marble countertop selection is unmatched with over 500 marble color options and patterns to choose from. Marble countertop surfaces are timeless with their classic beauty and elegance


We have all types of the Marble Tiles available in different colour and designs. Bhandari marble group is offering the marble slabs and tiles at the lowest price. Marble Tiles is used for the flooring and wall cladding. It has very nice appearance with strength and durability. We have many different kind of marble tiles according to the type of origin of marble stone. Explore our range of Indian Marble Tiles, Italian Marble Tiles, Makrana Marble Tiles, Granite Tiles, Sandstone Tiles and the best white marble tiles at lowest price


• The Ultimate Guide to Choosing marble Tiles and Marble slabs.
In the race to own the latest alternatives for a luxurious home, home-owners come to a screeching halt when faced with this forking path of choosing concurrent marble tiles and marble slabs. Flooring gives a base, a stability and a subtle grounding effect to the entirety of your interiors. It, therefore, becomes of paramount importance that you choose the right flooring option for your house as flooring is an expensive plan to undertake, one that you might not want to revisit anytime soon.

• Marble slabs or tiles which one is better in residential space.
Bhandari marble group has dissected the decision making process down to every important detail that you should know before you set out to buy marble slabs or marble tiles.

• Available In Sizes
Marble tiles are available in an arrayed assortment of colours, designs, textures and prints. Marble tiles or granite tiles can be finish in anti-skid, granular or glossy variants. They sometimes combine such designing elements within their natural flooring marble.

The fact stands undefeated that challenging nature’s artistry is not within the human potential, no matter how creatively crafty we get. Available as blocks, tiles and slabs, marble flaunts natural colours like green, white, beige, brown, grey, black and sometimes startlingly, blue. The motley of hues are bound to leave you awe-struck. The textures that can be seen in marble are largely dependent on the finishes and consequently can be seen in glossy finishes or texture rich matte finishes when sanded for better purchases on the surface such as in bathroom floors.

• Durability:
Marble tiles are extremely durable and are made to endure heavy traffic. But even so they last only a span of 10-15 years much shorter than the life span of a properly maintained, marble tile that easily lasts up to 20-25 years.

• Porosity and Maintenance:
Marble are application of sealant from time to time fixes the problem of moisture and porosity and also brings back the lustrous finish anew. Staining is an issue where marble tiles seemingly beat marble but if cleaned immediately the stains and spills do not get absorbed. Also, the porosity of marble varies from quality to quality. offers the low-porosity imported marble .
The maintenance of marble doesn’t require maintenance depending upon their texture and might require scrubbing and laborious processes of cleaning.

• Marble may demand a little more
The average cost for marble slab is 60rs per square foot but can range from 40rs to 150sr per square foot. … Slabs are more popular than tile for counters since they have a cleaner look and simpler maintenance; however, tiles can cost 30 to 50 percent less.

Marble is a metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite. Marble is typically not foliated, although there are exceptions. We quarry our curated selection of marble tile and slabs both domestically and internationally. We source a premium grade of material and purchase blocks and slabs only after a thorough inspection process. While other materials may be available with the same name, the quality may vary; we advise you to compare the quality of the actual materials prior to specifying or purchasing.
Product Name Price In INR
Morwad White Marble 100 /-Square Feet
Makrana White Marble 350 /- Square Feet
White Indian Statuario Marble 150 /- Square Feet
White Marble 150 /- Square Feet
Indian Marble Exporter, India
Product Size Specification for Indian Marble Stone
Random Slabs All types of sizes available in slabs
Cut to Size Available in all cut sizes
Thickness 18 mm to 20mm


The Morwad Marble , White Morwad Marble, Makrana Marble, Makrana White Marble, Statuario Marble, Indian Statuario Marble, Opal White Marble, Rajnagar White Marble, Rajnagar Marble, Makrana Marble, Makrana White Marble, Dungri Marble are the best sellers in white marble range. Marble is a classic architectural material and is suitable for a variety of applications from countertops to building facades. Please read Material Considerations to understand the characteristics of marble prior to making a selection.

• Which is the best marble in India?
We at Bhandari Marble Group since 1631 the pioneer group marble, granite and natural stones. We are the largest supplier of marble , granite and natural stone.We have all collection of all types of Indian Marble, Italian Marble, Imported Marble, White Marble, Statuario Marble, Katni Marble, Dungri Marble, Makrana Marble, Carrara Marble, Calacatta Marble and etc. All marble are best in there own. All have a unique design, texture and colour.

• How much is marble per sqft?
Price of marble is depends on the size, thickness, quality and texture. Indian Marble price starts from 30rs to 150 rs per sqft. Italian Marble price starts from 150 rs per sqft.

• Which is best marble or tiles?
Bhandari Marble Group is the oldest manufacturer, supplier and exporter of marble, granite and natural stone. We at Bhandari Marble Group have all types of marble and tiles in different size and thickness. Both are best in their own way.

We have the greatest range of Indian and Imported exclusive varieties of marble from all over the world with great experience of cutting and finishing of marble stone. We have the most dedicating and well experienced team of engineers and workers to deliver quality products to customer satisfaction.

We have gained some stunning ground taking after 1631 and our targets have been high on quality, quantity and the finishing which is not satisfy by the some other company. We have broken and holds the records in terms of service and quality hence the certifiable pioneer of marble world.


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Marble Tiles For Different Choice

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