Marble is the most desirable Natural stone

Marble is the most desirable Natural stone
By Bhandari marble group

Marble is one of the things that people automatically associate with beauty, fine living, elegance, and luxury. This love affair with marble has been going on for centuries, all the way back to ancient times. Back then, however, ordinary folks could only gawk and stare as marble was very expensive, and was the exclusive purview of the rich and powerful.
Today, that is no longer true. Marble is still relatively expensive, but not so that you cannot afford a piece of it in your home. Advanced extraction techniques and faster shipping methods have made quarrying and transporting marble much more efficient, and thus, much less expensive. That said, most homes would look strange with a marble statue in their living room or foyer. But it looks perfectly in place in the kitchen or bathroom.
Some people reject the idea of marble countertops in the kitchen or bathroom. Because they believe it is not practical. They prefer granite as a natural stone, or quartz stone as a manmade alternative, for their countertops. Because they are much more durable than marble. However, marble may not be as high maintenance as you think. Here is the case for marble countertops.
Undeniable beauty
close of marble slabs may sound like a well-worn recording, but there is no denying that marble is a very beautiful stone. The delicate colors and veins distinguish it from other natural stones, and synthetic stones that try to duplicate the look cannot quite capture the depth and richness of the real thing. The reason behind this lies in the origins of marble.
Marble is a natural stone, formed from sedimentary rock subjected to high pressure and heat. The original rock, usually dolomite or limestone, is usually white. If there are very few impurities, the limestone or dolomite transforms or re-crystallizes into pure white marble with very light, almost invisible veining, under these extreme conditions. If there are impurities, you will get that more visible veining characteristic of the more common types of marble. The impurities can also affect the overall color of the marble, ranging from white to brown. The most common color of marble is white, however.
Proven durability
marble statue i.e. PietaSome people say marble is soft, but that is misleading. Marble may be softer than granite, but it is far from soft. It is a natural stone formed over millions of years under extreme conditions. A few years in a typical kitchen will not damage it noticeably.
Marble is definitely harder or more durable than faux marble. Under the surface of laminate marble counters, for example, is particleboard. Real marble is the same through and through, which makes it very durable considering the method of its formation. While stains and etching may occur on the surface from exposure to acid, it will not actually affect the integrity of the stone itself. If a serious stain or etch occurs, you simply have to refinish the surface to restore it to its former glory.
Marble has been known to last for many centuries. You only have to look at the various marble statues in museums to know this is true. In fact, marble attains greater beauty over time and exposure to the elements, which is why it is a popular material for outdoor use.
Marble countertops may require some maintenance but within reason. You only have to make sure to seal it periodically and to wipe up any spills as soon as it occurs. A sealed marble countertop is food safe, as the seal prevents any food particles or bacteria from getting into the pores. As such, it is appropriate for use in the kitchen.

Reasonable cost
Marble countertop marble is quite affordable today. It is slightly more expensive than other types of natural stones and solid surface materials. However, considering the value it adds to your home, marble countertops are well worth the extra cost. If you find the price tag for seamless slabs a bit high, you can opt for tiles instead and get about the same look at a lower cost. The point is, nothing beats marble for making your kitchen countertops or bathroom vanities look luxurious, vastly upping the elegance factor of your kitchen or bathroom.
Marble may not be the most maintenance-friendly material for your kitchen countertops or bathroom vanities. However, it is definitely the one to beat for elegance, beauty, and durability. Granite and quartz stone may give it a run for its money for pragmatic homeowners, but for lovers of natural beauty, marble wins hands add by Marble Granite stone expert and Export team of Bhandari marble group.
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Marble is the most desirable Natural stone

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