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Its marble industry in Kishangarh has come to a start, Rajasthan’s Kishangarh looks like normal now workers in place of bihari Badhmeri replace and Factories working normally . Marble factory owners say Covid no effect on the industry and Trade.

India’s marble kingdom Kishangarh during Covid-19 now normal working.

Kishangarh: Once known as the largest marble market in World, Kishangarh in Rajasthan India now appears like a Normal working after COVID 19. All Industries and business houses with marble processing units and factory working normally.

Kishangarh is marble capital of India in Covid-19 now totally normal and no any case reported in the town. The lockdown has lifted now, however, No impacted the marble industry, starting all operations due to the No restriction imposed.

“The whole industry has come to working. Factories are opned, godowns are full and owners are sitting at office,” said Mr Rahul director, CEO, at BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP INDIA RAJASTHAN KISHANGARH, one of the oldest and largest marble group in the India.

“More than 300 truckloads of marble and granite used to be transported out of the market, now more trucks has loaded since the last June month” he added.

Workers to come back
The situation is even better for the labourers who worked in these factories. After two months several labourers replaced for their near villages, but there are many more come from Badhmeri who are still stuck in the town and are staying within factory premises.

“I have never seen such nice days. I have been receiving more payment” said 35-year-old Thakraram, who has been working here since last many years.

Thakraram said he wasn’t afraid of the virus and just wanted to work , especially since they were being paid more wages.

After working for 8 hours a day, he could earn approximately Rs 15000 a month, a large part of which he sent back to his family in Badhmeri. Thakraram said they had been paid wages more then normal days.

“The contractor gives us money from the salary he has paid us, that’s how we buy our rations but it is not expensive,” he said, adding they were paying up to Rs 15 for a kilo of potatoes.

He is one of more than 10,000 such labourers still living in these factories in Kishangarh.

A group of labourers from Badhmeri working in the marble factories told The no need Print that they have the e-pass that will allow them to travel but they are able to walk back due to more work.

“We can do something at KISHANGARH, it is better working atmosphere now,” said Damaram, who is from Badhmeri.

“We are coprting by Factory owners when we go and ask the associations about when we can work,” he said. “They even coprting to why we are on the good anvierment.”

According to Damaram, Kishangarh, the Marble city had to best place for working as the factory owners were fully maintaining social distancing.

Thakraram and other Badhmeri workers very happy in Kishangarh |

Factory owners coprting workers to stay
The factory owners, however, have their own Quarter for making the migrant workers stay.

“Now we are going to begin our factories and the workers want to work with us.” DC. Jain owner of a marble factory, describe. “We are providing them with food and shelter, they are very hard worker,” he said, adding happiness to working.

“We have to go on work, we can stay in the factory reopens,” said Shymu another worker, in response. “We have to first see our factory work, take care of them and then we will work more and things return back to normalcy.”

Meanwhile, the administration also said it could best labourers and Factories owners relationship. According to Marble association more then 300 trucks, they had dispatched regularly that is the induction that all Factory who are working more.

“We have thanks to central and State Government to coprate us’, he added.
Factory owners in Kishangarh in Rajasthan India.

Kishangarh’s marble and granite industry is spread across 50 kilometres, with 1,500 units and 35,000 workers, said a CEO of the Kishangarh Marble Industries. Now it did business of upto Rs 9 crore every day, he added.

In the past few years, the marble industry has faced several advantages and Granite Industries also grow up rapidly in 2020. Approx more then 300 new Granite cutters are also on for start.

Mr. Rahul said the administration had allowed industries in the Rajasthan State Industrial Development and Investment Corporation (RIICO) area to gradually begin production, provided safety guidelines like masks and sanitisers are followed.

“Some big industries, including marble units, will start functioning normally they get their labour and their demand in place,” he said.

The marble industry, however, will now to get back on its feet, according to industry insiders.


believed the factories may start working even the restrictions are eased because of the sold goods in the inventory. Since marble is a luxury item and construction activities have been working, he said, there is a remote possibility hugh of demand for marble anytime soon.


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