Indian Marble Floor Restoration

Indian Marble Floor Restoration
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So, you are a real fan of Indian marble and have been on the look for a house with some marble details in it. An Indian marble countertop would be nice, or an Indian marble dining table, or even a marble fireplace, though the last one would be quite impossible to find in the land of Merlion since we are practically already living in one. But a marble flooring would be hands down the ultimate deal-breaker, so timeless and so elegant.

And you somehow managed to find one at an affordable price and thought that you have gotten a good deal because properties with Indian marble flooring are expensive, only to be greeted with some old and dull-looking Indian marble floor with scratches so deep and visible that the blinds cannot unsee them. Then again, hold your step and smoothen that frown because marble is a building material that can be restored. You might need to spend some money on the restoration, but on the bright side, at least you do not have to install them from scratch which will take more time to complete and more cash to burn.

Easier To Maintain Than Your Girlfriend, Only Physical Maintenance Needed
There are a few things to take note of when you are choosing Indian marble flooring. Indian Marble is a stone formed from the metamorphism process of limestone. The calcite practically goes through recrystallization and ends up as a stronger stone. It is however still porous. Thus, it is important to make sure they are sealed with a layer of protection before use to make it water-resistant. You are then good to go when you have friends over for some coffee, tea or wine. Even so, any stains should be attended immediately to prevent etches because the acid is definitely marble’s kryptonite.

Because it is still considered a soft stone, marble is extremely prone to scratches. Be extra gentle when moving furniture and heavy items. Of course, the protective sealant is going to wear down faster in a space with high traffic, but with no shoes in the house, I think we have got that taken care of. Just make it a routine to sweep the floor regularly and wipe it with a damp mob to remove any dirt and dust to prevent friction when you walk, thus reducing scratches.

Restoring Your Faith In Indian Marble Flooring
But like mentioned above, if you sealed the deal with marble in need of restoration, you can get some guys over to fix it for you. Unlike marble polishing, Indian marble restoration is a much more tedious job and requires a lot of time and effort to carry out the process. Why not spend your valuable time on something more meaningful. We fix stones and we fix floors. With the right technology and skills, we wish to transform your marble flooring to its former glory.

Indian Marble restoration is a process to remove any stains and scratches and bring back the original reflective surface of the stone. After a round of inspection to determine the level of damage, we will do a round of cleaning first. Next would be the grinding process which is also the most powerful step because this will restore your faith in your marble as well, making it flat again. Gone are all the scratches and stains which have irritated you for so long. The third step is to hone the Indian marble surface with an industrial diamond, which is also known as diamond grinding. Different diamond grit will produce a surface with different level of smoothness and is usually slowly increased to achieve the smoothest surface in the end. A honed marble gives an overall softer look. If that is what you are going for, then the last step for you would be to just seal it with a protective layer to make it water-resistant. But, if you are obsessed with the mirror-like finishing, the last step would be buffing or crystallization by involving a chemical reaction with the surface of Indian marble, while at the same time creating microfilm on the surface as well to make it more durable.

Indian Marble Floor Restoration

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