Home decoration and marble are inspirable. In fact, marble stone play significant role in interior decoration. How to use them and where to use them in interior decoration holds the key for home Flooring, Elevation and Decoration. The total range of the Italian Statuario marble, Calacatta gold marble and Carrara white marble will suit modern designs and provide rich look to interiors. Various shades of The Infinity luxurious Imported Marble shades, colors, textures, finishes, patterns and designs formed a key material in interior decoration projects. The Italian Statuario marble also look elegant and fashionable. As one of the brand leaders in the marble and granite industry, Bhandari Marble Group India adds value to any space with its range of Stone products.
The marble are described as a great value addition to any home, villa, hotel and project.

Accurate reflections

The Infinity these marble create vary according to color, size, thickness and finishes of the marble. The Infinity luxurious Imported Marble by Bhandari marble group India provide bright, elegant, stylish, durable, precious, cozy and charming, luxurious reflections that are similar to real object. These Marble suit and are helpful in creation a large and bright space. To produce more effect, place the marble on the wall from edge-to edge. The polish marble produce expanded images. The Infinity’s Italian Statuario Marble creates a nice atmosphere with their rich color, designs and finishes shades.

Eco-friendly marble

Chemical free Italian and Indian white marble create Safety is an important feature of the interior decor in places where children are active. Italian and Indian white marble is manufactured using eco-friendly processes. Natural Stone is plated instead of harmful chemicals like lead and copper mix tiles and engineer marble. This Mother Nature’s gift lifespan by preventing moisture and thereby rust formation. These Marble are also easy to clean unlike materials like wood. Moreover, it is very easy to clean the dirt on Marble.

Choosing the color, finish and designs

Architects, Interior Designers, Builders and Hoteliers should keep in his or her mind the color, patterns, designs, finishes marble slabs or tiles of the room while choosing white Italian marble. White marble are used to fill black and white spaces. Calacatta gold marble are the perfect choice for bathroom and wall interiors. They also suit shades like Statuario, Calacatta and Carrara. The Infinity Bhandari’s Statuario Marble look great on almost every cozy palette.

How to decorate walls with Natural Stone?

The natural stone can be cut in different sizes and patterns. Natural Stone can be arranged like a collage work on the walls. When they are placed in strategic places, they highlight chandeliers and attract. Moreover, the brightness due to fixing white statuario marble to furniture would have a dynamic impact in the room. The marble play a crucial role in enhancing the image of the sites. Rooms having large window frames with Natural Stone. These perfectly reflect the natural day light.

Functional benefits

The marble now play a great role beyond its normal applications in lobby, living room, kitchen, staircase, foyers, bathroom, fireplace, rooms and wardrobes. Marble splash backs are easy to clean. They are more moisture resistant. Wall-to-wall full length marble are a great tool for dancers and gym goers. The colored or white marble on the back of the show-case cabinet in the stores make the item visible from all sides. In clothing and footwear boutiques, customers can use the marble to check whether an item fits them or not.





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