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Granite is a natural stone that is quarried in many countries around the globe. Granite and Quartzite are the names that are used interchangeably wherever stone tile and slabs are sold. True Granite is a porous, igneous rock that has any number of chemical compositions that include a quartz base. Quartzite is a metamorphic rock that has a higher percentage of quartz in its chemical makeup than granite does. For the record, true quartzite is harder than true granite. But, don’t get too caught up in the name of the stone because regardless of which it is, geologically speaking, it has the same purpose.


Granite is one of the most popular countertop materials that we carry here at Granite is a durable choice for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanities, bar tops, and more. Since there are thousands of unique colors of granite, it is the perfect natural stone to fit the décor of any project. At BHANDARIMARBLEGROUP, our service, equipment, and materials are second to none.

• Aspen White
• Cosmic Black
• Butterfly Green
• Lapidus Gold
• Sucuri White
• Labradorite Green
• Black Pearl
• River White
• Giallo Fiesta
• Original Peacock Green
• Alaska White
• Black Thunder
• Blue Eyes Granite
• Costa Esmeralda
• Netuno Bordeaux
• Namibian Gold
• New Caledonia
• New Kashmir White
• New Tunas Granite
• New Venetian Gold
• Oxford White
• Salone Granite
• Santa Cecilia
• Santa Cecilia Brasil
• Sea Pearl Granite
• Tan Brown Granite
• White Kinawa
• Giallo Renoir
• Giallo Sole
• Golden Eagle
• Juparana Exotica Super
• Juparana Vyara
• Delicatus Cream
• Altair Granite
• Silver Paradiso
• Golden Valley
• Itaunas White

Most Popular Granite Countertop Colors and Details


Since it’s a naturally occurring igneous rock and isn’t man-made, you’re adding an element of natural luxury to your space without breaking the budget. There are literally hundreds of designs and color options to choose from, so there is bound to be a perfect slab out there for you.
Is there anything out there more popular than white counters right now? They’re popping up in kitchens everywhere, and for good reason. They coordinate with just about any cabinet color and it’s a classic yet elegant look.


Some Common Types Of Granite

White Granite

White Granite is harder to find than black or brown granite. All granite and Marble gets its name from the background color. Some white granite slabs have veins similar to marble while others may have a spattering of freckles in either brown, gray, black or red and may include a sprinkling of blue throughout.
White granite is a granite that is composed primarily of quartz minerals. The small black specks in the granite above are likely small amphibole grains.

River White Granite

River white on shaker style cabinets with laminate floors that look like hardwood. Since this design can be stretched along the length of the kitchen work surface, it can make any countertop look longer than it actually is. Like the currents of a river, you’ll find that the sweeping lines of this white granite countertop perfectly complement any kitchen design.

Kashmir White Granite

Kashmir white granite with a glass tile backsplash and chrome faucet.
If you’re looking for a white stone with just a bit of texturing, choosing Kashmir White Granite is an excellent choice. The salt and pepper look of the stone discreetly cloaks small countertop messes, which are harder to hide on light monochromatic countertops that have less variation. If you’re having trouble finding it at your local stone yard cotton white is a similar alternative.

Ice White Granite

Ice white granite paired with a beveled subway tile and mahogany cabinets. Ice white granite would go well in any space with hints of cool and calm colors. Light or dark gray cabinets look amazing with this stone, so the combination is sure to warm the hearts of your guests once they see it.

Himalayan White Granite

This stone is one of the most grey of the white choices, which means it would add contrast to any light colored kitchen. It has even been used by some designers as a marble substitute for projects with a lower price point. It’s one of the cheaper options on this list, which means you can start your remodel immediately without any regrets.
So if the stone you pick is completely black it’s likely gabbro, which makes for an excellent kitchen work surface, but you should know that all black slabs aren’t really granite even though that’s most likely what they are being called.

Absolute Black Granite

This is the purest black granite that you’ll find, with little to no traces of any other colors found in it. Absolute black is a great choice to create the high contrast black and white kitchen you may have been day dreaming about and it looks great polished or honed.

BHANDARIMARBLEGROUP mined from quarries in Brazil, takes on a wonderful jet black hue thanks to its’ abundance of mica.

Black Galaxy Granite

Black galaxy is the perfect name for this variety as it channels the look of a rural night sky. With small white flecks resembling the stars, this is a more family-friendly choice than absolute black since the flecks will help mask any messes and smudges, much like ubatuba does.

Brown Pearl Granite

Brown pearl granite counters polished to a highly refelective surface with a glass tile backsplash and chrome hardware. These brown pearl counters are polished to such a highly reflective surface you can see the faucet in them.
For those looking for a something a bit on the wild side, brown pearl granite is a great choice. Brown pearl incorporates brown, black, and white to create a look that nearly resembles a mosaic and looks much more expensive than it actually is.

Coffee Brown

Coffee brown is an option for those looking for something not-too-busy, but that still has depth to the design. This brown granite will appear as a near-solid brown from afar, so it will easily pair with any neutrals you want to bring into your space.



There’s no limit to the different cabinet and countertop combinations that you can do in your kitchen. Bhandari Marble Group Offer Some of the most popular options are to have contrasting cabinets and counters, but you don’t have to play by those rules.

Bhandari Marble Group help you to mix and match colors according to your need so you can get creative stone samples up to painted cabinet doors until the perfect combination turns up. Believe us when we tell you that the perfect combo will turn up, and when you see it you’ll know instantly that that’s exactly the one you’ve been looking for.


Bhandari Marble Group Team help us to create a new look of our kitchen. It’s been nearly two years now since our kitchen was done and we still don’t have a backsplash installed. Don’t be like us, make sure you pick everything out together and get it all installed at once.


For even more options, any slab can be finished in a variety of different ways.
Finish Options
• Polished
• Lathered
• Honed
• Flamed


A polished finish can bring elegance to the look by giving off a reflective mirror-like finish to the stone.


A leathered surface is textured and is not glossy at all. They’re great if you’re concerned about etching or staining because the imperfections will be less noticeable.


A happy medium between polished and leathered is honed. Honed finishes are smooth, matte finishes, that may still be slightly glossy depending on when the fabricator stopped working the stone. Like leathered, honed is also a great choice if you want to hide any wear and tear the stone may endure.
This honed work surface will hide wear and tear much better than a polished one.


Flamed has a bumpier finish that is perfect for any heavy duty usage from outdoor kitchens to shower flooring.


Granite The Quality In Variety

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