Granite Flooring gives an atmosphere of wealth, and its beauty surpasses most of the other tile’s materials. Granite is a bit expensive and weighty, so experts must install it. Being a natural stone product, it is Eco-friendly. It is not too porous like marble, and sealing is not essential if used in the moisture-proof area. It is harder and stains resistant than any other flooring material such as marble. Granite floor tile, plastic spacers, wet saw, backer-board, screws, notched trowel, rubber mallet, grout float, grout sponge, penetrating grout sealer, paper towel are things required while installing granite flooring.

Granite is a range of natural stone that is made from cooling molten rock in the ground. This time-consuming and high-pressure process results in granite stone.
Attractive Light Color Granite
When it’s to perfection, finish, and versatility, light-colored granites are elevated all classic and contemporary designs. Light color possesses a high light intensity, suitable for all sorts of domestic’s spaces. Having a high light intensity, light color objects reflect much of the light that strikes them.
Granite Flooring to Granite Uses
Granite Flooring
The natural, mottled look of Granite, can, as we mentioned, come in smooth, high luster formats, or more matte, muted, and rustic textures. You can combine and match to create unique designs or stick with a minimal, monochromatic appearance for a more modern interior of the house.

Granite floor tile is now also in trend due as it is suitable anywhere. The Granite looks graceful and classy, and no two slabs of granite flooring are quite alike, making for varied and exciting patterns and possibilities.

If you’re doing flooring on a rigid budget, you should know that granite flooring is not for the penny pinchers. Granite is known for being a lavishness flooring material, and its price range reflects this. For a small area room like a bedroom or bathroom, you can imagine paying a couple of hundred dollars on the short end, and a couple of thousand on the high end to floor it with Granite.
Granite Uses
• Monuments
• Attractive Floors
• External cladding of buildings
• Staircases and kitchen countertops

Before power equipment existed, figurine granite was a problematic and time-consuming process, so the stone was often booked for significant projects. From gravestones to beautiful temples, shrines that are planned to last down the generations are building from granite stone.

While marble usually has very striking veining, Granite typically has a more subtle patterning making the two stones perfect complements.

Many cultural groups use rough-hewn Granite as construction blocks or cladding for essential buildings such as town halls and religious buildings.
Granite stone is mantels and stairs are well-liked thanks to their blend of magnificence and realism: granite mantels won’t hold fire, and granite stairs won’t wear out.

Granite is water-resistant, dirty resistant, temperature resistant, easy to clean, and hard to break. It makes it a genuine opportunity for the kitchen or the bathroom. It can make it a gorgeous gratuity.
Presenting some granites for home décor
• Black Galaxy Granite
• Kashmir White
• Viscon White
• Colonial White
• Blue Pearl
• Telephone Black
• River Black

Black Galaxy Granite is black color granite with small white or gold flecks. Black Galaxy granite is available in both slabs and tiles to allow for creative and coordinated installations. This pattern or type of black granite is one of the most popular granite. This durable granite is suitable for both interior and exterior projects and recommended for countertops, accent walls, backsplashes, cladding, floors, and other features.

Kashmir White Granite is white is color granite a base of soft white tones with tiny sparkles of charcoal. Mainly it comes from the south. Perfect suitable for all types of interior and exterior.
Black pearl granite is recommended for both indoor as well as outdoor use and available in a variety of finishes. This stone is a bit expensive from other black shades of Granite. Also, this granite is available at competitive market prices. But the demand for this stone is still high.
Telephone black granite is generally used as a kitchen countertop for its natural beauty, endurance, stunning black color, and smooth ultimate finish. This granite is an ideal choice if you want something plain in a black hue.

Telephone Black granite is widely used as the top in the kitchen as well as vanity and other places. The shine of this black telephone granite is different from other black granites.
Conclusion –Bhandari Marble Group
Granite is an elegant material and popular for a very long time which not only spills the glamour but also extends the lifeline of your interior.

Every type of granite is perfect in its own way. From flooring to countertops granite is the most preferred choice by people because of its shades and durability. Well! No matter what type of shade or hue you’ll choose the installation of granite should be by professionals only. It will bring the grace and longevity to your beautiful granite.


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