Marble is a trans-formative stone made out of calcite. Due to its structure, marble can take a high clean and is an extremely prominent brightening stone for  and sculptural purposes.
Indian Marble itself can be of two types, one made out of calcite and the other of dolomite. The shade of marble ranges from the splendid white of calcite to dark, including blue-gray, red, yellow and green, contingent on the mineral composition.
Typical uses
Marble has numerous decorative and auxiliary employments. It is utilized for outdoor sculptures and additionally for form bases; in architecture it is utilized as a part of outside dividers and finishes, flooring, decorative features, stairways and walkways.
Popular types of Indian marble:
It comes in an astonishing array of colors such as white, pink, yellow, green, red and black.
Kishangrah is the marble hub of the world.
These are the best manufacturers, suppliers & exporters of natural stones, granite, marble, sand stone and Indian marbles for various uses:
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This is the list of our best selling marbles:
• Lustrous white Makrana marble.
• High-quality white Ambaji marble.
• The widely exported Indian green marble.
• Onyx marble, etc.
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Using marble in interiors can grant an opulent look and generate a character in your ambience. Marble ages beautifully, and adds quality to your life while blending luxury in it with an easy grace. This rich flavor of luxury, one that you can almost savour, is effectively visible after the completion of the designing project.
Knowing which marble to choose and how to choose it, is a tedious task for those who don’t quite know what to look for. Re-modelling projects catered by individuals sometimes go extremely haywire in the absence of correct information about the application


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