Chairman’s heartfelt message to Architect Mr. Sanjay Kothari.

Chairman’s heartfelt message to Architect Mr. Sanjay Kothari.

Team Bhandari Marble Group wishes Mr. Kothari a very happy and blessed birthday.

“For an architect the design is the outcome of a drawing process where undisciplined movement of lines on tracing paper is creating layers on layers of a future prospect that. It is the medium through which one is seeing the future.
Design is the process which begins as a journey through the tunnel of thought with hope, light and a constructive future sitting at the other end of it.
Without the inner belief to reach at one’s destination, one cannot even think to begin. So, belief and faith is the key behind each creative process.
Drawing to me is nothing but a tool to reach pre-existent destiny in the hollow of darkness.

I was introduced to this miracle by seeing the tremendous work carried out by Architect Mr. Sanjay Kothari from Jaipur.
Seeing his vision was a visual treat and I got to experience the process of turning a dream into reality.
It was an experience similar to seeing a master sculptor carve an uneven piece of rock to remove the undesired wrapped extra material and take out something which is a master piece that the world witnesses.”

Team Bhandari Marble Group, Jaipur and the whole nation are proud of your immense talent, vision, and generosity.
We send our best wishes on your birthday and pray for your good health and well-being.

Chairman’s heartfelt message to Architect Mr. Sanjay Kothari.

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