Celebrating Free Spirit Of India

Happy Independence day

Celebrating the free spirit of India.

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Indian Stones – What Indian Stone Exporters Offer:

Indian stones are praised everywhere and are exported to almost every nook and corner of the world. But, do you know what natural stone exporter in India have to offer? It is just granite or something more? Let’s explore!
As far as natural or dimension stones are concerned, India has vast reserves of almost every dimension stone that are being used in the construction and architectural purposes worldwide; both for exterior and interior designing. When it comes to quality of Indian natural stones, they are superb and for this reason, natural stones from India have been in great demand all over the world for quite a long time.
Moreover, the popularity of Indian natural stones like Indian granite, marble and sandstone have surged manifold in the last few years; possibly due to integration of advanced tools and technologies in the Indian stone quarrying, manufacturing and processing, development in shipping infrastructure and due to the fact that the Indian stone industry has now become more structured and organized with major focus on export of Indian natural stones.
Indian stone industry is majorly involved in the extraction, manufacturing/processing and export of six natural stones that are globally used for numerous purposes. These are granite, marble, sandstone, limestone, quartzite and slate. Let’s discuss these stones in terms of their properties and features that contribute to their worldwide popularity.

Indian Granite:

It is by far the most popular of all natural stones and luckily, India has its extremely large reserves, both in North and South India. For this reason, India is one of the top five granite exporters in the world; offering more nearly 150 different varieties of granite in various parts of the globe, including Europe, America, Middle East and Australasia.
Used for creating countertops, backsplashes, kitchen islands, floor tiles, steps, risers, feature walls and many more structures inside and outside properties, Indian granite is globally known for its strength, durability and quality. When it comes to color, India granite is simply versatile. Black, blue, brown, green, pink, red and yellow are to name a few Indian granite colors, in addition to amazing surface patterns like flecks, specks, swirls and patches that not just add to its beauty, but make this Indian natural stone unique in every aspect.
Most popular Indian granite varieties include Absolute Black, Black Galaxy, Jhansi Red, New Imperial Red, Onida Orange, Rosy Pink, Tiger Skin, Bianco Gold and Colonial Green, among others.

Indian Marble:

Occasionally touted as the “Royal Stone,” marble truly defines stateliness and regality. And, when it comes to India marble, you can expect more than just looks, i.e., durability and quality. Well, the quality of Indian marble can be estimated with the fact that the world-renowned Taj Mahal was built using the white marble that came from the Makrana region of Rajasthan.
With major marble quarries being concentrated in the Indian state of Rajasthan, this Indian stone is known for its eye-pleasing shades and mystic surface patterns in the forms of waves, swirls and strips. Brown, golden, green and pink are to name a few shades of this Indian stone, which is used for installations like countertops, tiles and featured walls inside homes. Statues and decorative pieces are also created with marble to adorn outdoor spaces like front yards, parks and gardens.
Fantasy Brown, Forest Green, Rain Forest Brown, Pink Onyx and Rain Forest Golden are some unique varieties of marble that are in huge demand all over the world.

Indian Sandstone:
This is another Indian stone that is quite popular among international buyers. This is unique in many terms and for this reason, it is used way more for outdoor applications rather than indoors.
Moreover, this Indian natural stone bears some unique qualities that make it apt for exterior installations. Apart from strength and resistance, its natural anti skid surface, ease of cutting and carving, and ability to beautify with age are just a few attributes of Indian sandstone that make it apt for developing pavements, walkways, garden furniture, wall cladding, driveways, statues, stone lamps, vases and so forth.

Indian Quartzite:
One Indian stone that can compete with granite in terms of strength is quartzite. Surprisingly, quartzite stands at a higher position on Moss scale than granite. It has the charming looks of marble and possesses the strength of granite, which is a rare combination though that contributes to its global popularity.
Moreover, its unique blend of matchless beauty and strength makes it apt for multiple applications like, flooring, wall cladding, countertops and backsplashes, feature walls, stair cases.
Black, golden, green, grey, red, silver, white and yellow are Indian quartzite’s most preferred shades, while Copper, D. Green, H. Green, Silver Grey. S. White and H. Black are to name a few globally popular varieties of Indian quartzite.

Indian Limestone:
This Indian natural stone are found in almost every part of the country and that too in abundance. Not just this, limestone is quite a versatile Indian stone that is used for a range of architectural purposes, including cladding, paving, landscaping, roofing and lot more.
Yellow, pink, green, brown, blue and black are its prominent shades that subtly boost the natural appeal of this Indian stone. Some popular Indian limestone variants are Lime Pink, Lime Peacock, Lime Black and Kota Brown and Kota Blue.

Indian Slate:
This is one hidden gem out of all the things that Indian natural stone industry has to offer to the world. It is quite durable and strong as a natural material and can be used for umpteen interior as well as exterior applications. Roof shingle from slate is a unique installation, which has been in use for centuries.
Apart from black, green, grey, pink, red, white and yellow, Indian slate exists in multicolor form too. Vijaya Gold, Yellow Multi, Terra Red, SRA, Red Gold, M. Green and Multi Pink are quite popular in many parts of the world.

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Celebrating Free Spirit Of India

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