An Architect’s Guide to Creating Rustic Interior with our Exclusive Range of Stones


An Architect’s Guide to Creating Rustic Interior with our Exclusive Range of Stones

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Rustic look of Natural stone

Natural stone Customize as Rustic look developed by Bhandari marble group expert and export team for your home, villa, resort, hotel, and projects
We can also help architects build an array of custom stone clad walls that are reminiscent of intricate mosaics. If this is something that you are interested in, consult with specialty our team such as Rustic look early on in the design process.

Natura stone for Rustic look
Many types of natural stone are excellent cladding materials. These can be divided into three geological: sedimentary rocks such as limestone and sandstone, metamorphic rocks such as slate and marble, and lastly, igneous rocks such as granite. With our Stone expert team of Bhandari marble group In selecting the best type of Rustic look stone, Engineers Interior designers architects must consider a number of factors including appearance, intended use, size of the project, and most importantly, the composite that will provide adequate strength and durability and Rustic look.

Natural stone Basalt: Basalt is a dark color stone that is suitable for both interior and exterior wall cladding applications. Basalt appears to be very fine-grained and is the most common type of rock used throughout the architecture. One notable quality of basalt is that it possesses extremely high insulating capabilities and give Rustic look to your Architecture.

Kota stone: Kota stone is the commercially used name for a number of building stone varieties. Including basalt and limestone, this category includes at least fifty different types of stone with a gray or green look.

Natural stone Granite: Granite is the grained stone made up of interlocking crystals. It is one of the most widely used stones in the world and 2nd most popular building material after marble for both interior and exterior cladding applications. Granite is known for its durability and the permanence of its color and texture we can do many finishes on granite, like CNC and Water jet to give Rustic look.

Natural Stone: From the oldest time stone is used in building construction, Natural stone is made from a pale form of limestone and dolomite. The natural type of stone is extremely dense and far more resistant to weathering than Artificial Stone. As a result, Natural stone is very common as the exterior, interior cladding material for a Rustic look.

Natural Stone Limestone: Our Limestone is lauded for its aesthetic diversity and flexibility. In color, limestone ranges from yellow, whites, beiges, browns, and blue. In texture, limestone ranges from yellow and veined. Limestone is the best option for building faces because it can be carved and shaped relatively easily and give Rustic look finishes by our stone expert team.

Natural Stone Marble: Our Marble has had a rich and tumultuous history like the Taj Mahal and many more historical buildings. Once the precious marble in the architect’s top choice palette, the building and project look Cozi and Charming and with many types of finishes, we can give Rustic look also.

Stone Slate and veneer: Slate and veneer is a fine-grained metamorphic stone that is considered to be an optimal building material for both interior and exterior cladding. Due to its elegant and sophisticated appearance, high durability, excellent water resistance, and low maintenance, Stone veneer and slate has become a stand-out architectural element in Rustic design.

Small samples from our stone manufacturing team will show the typical colors and textures of these Rustic types of stone. They may properly elucidate the natural variations that are present in large-format stone panels. For this reason, it is extremely beneficial to examine precedents and case studies that harness stone from the particular quarry that you are interested in by the Bhandari marble group team that can guide properly.

Stone Colour: There is extensive variation in the color of Stone. Basalt is typically dark gray, Dholpur stone is available in pale hues such as off-white and golden-pink, Marble and granite are available in thousands of colors, and limestone range from Yellow, white and black, though gray is predominant. If you have a particular color in mind, consult with our expert manufacturer team early on and ask them what colors may be available and suitable for your project more then 500 types are available with us for Rustic look.

Stone design and Pattern: Similar to color, there is extensive natural variation in the design and patterns and veining of different stones. In some cases, We can do possible to custom order stone for your project. Talk to our manufacturer’s team and get a sense of the options that are available.

Stone Texture and Finish: According to D.C Sir the top stone expert of the World The texture of the stone is also extremely varied, ranging from coarsely fragmented to finely grained and completely smooth. Some of the most common terms that you will come across in our Stone search are polished, honed, and sandblasted. According to The Stone expert team of the Bhandari marble group, the polished finish indicates that the stone has been treated to embolden the contrast and character of its natural colors and give rustic look.

Stone honed finish
The honed finish on Stone indicates that the stone has been ground down to a smooth and consistent surface. With stones such as granite and marble that possess a natural shine, a honed finish means that the stone’s gloss will be removed, leaving a matte surface. In general, honed finishes are easier to maintain than polished surfaces and give rustic look also. Stone finish Sandblasted Acording to our Stone expert team Sandblasted means that the surface of the stone has been treated with a high-pressure blast of silica. This creates a rough but tidy finish that is both finely textured and granular for a Rustic look.

Stone Performance: According to Mr. Rahul’s stone expert of India, “In terms of the environmental impact of stone, it’s relatively neutral because you do very little to transform it into a usable state. You just cut it. And in the future when you are done with it, it can still be recycled in its natural form. However, it is important to acknowledge the environmental impact of our expert team of manufacturers shipping stone internationally, from other parts of the world.”

Stone Durability: Our Stone is extrim durable like many historical buildings Taj Mahal and others look exceptionally strong, dense, and well-suited for cladding applications. Keep in mind that some types of stone, including limestone, are particularly vulnerable to weathering. Marble and Granite, however, tend to retain their color and pattern for a very long time. For this reason, always consider the weathering characteristics of a particular Natural stone before integrating it into your project and take Advice from our Stone expert team.

Stone Installation: Our most experience in installing a team of natural stone and experienced engineers. Leading up to the execution of your project, make sure that the fabrication team is well suited to safely carry out on-site construction. Our Stone installation team can do Stone cladding easily coupled with thermal insulation products that are designed to reduce the heat loss or heat gain of a building envelope. The insulation should be non-combustible, rot and vermin proof, and non-absorbent. In designing the insulation layer, strive for the lowest possible U-Value.

Maintenance: It is important to keep natural stone clean in order to avoid scratch over time. In addition, certain stones may become slick with the oxidizer deposits. In advance of construction, consult with our stone expert team who manufacturer to understand the maintenance requirements of a particular stone.


An Architect’s Guide to Creating Rustic Interior with our Exclusive Range of Stones

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