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Bhandari marble group is the best White marble suppliers which provide the latest marble slabs, White Marble Slabs, White Marble Tiles, Makrana White Marble, Albeta Marble, Wonder White Marble, Banswara Marble, Banswara Purple Marble, Indian Onyx, Indian Statuario and etc. Explore the complete range of Bhandari Marble Group of Indian marble, Italian marble, Granite, Sandstone, marble tiles and onyx marble at the lowest and Best price.

Indian White Marble is known for its beautiful textures, strength, and durability. Bhandari marble group offer this beautiful Indian marble in quality and natural shine to use.

Marble Type: Indian Marble

Size: all sizes

Features: Traditional

Origin:  India

Thickness:  18mm to 20mm

BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP Has An Exclusive Range Of White Marble That Is The Best In The Industry And Affordable For Installation Purposes. For Building House from Scratch or Extending Your Office Facility, White Marble by Bhandari marble group Is Your Ultimate Choice. White Marble Tiles Are A Perfect Choice For Homes And Offices. The White Color Adds Elegance and Creates Tranquility in the Atmosphere. Granite Marble Is Also Used For Flooring Walls.

Marble Is One of the Perfect Choices for both Interior and Exterior Decorations. There Is A Vast Demand for White Marble in Indian and International Market. White Marbles Can Also Be Customized As Per the Order of Indian and International Clients. White Marbles Are Available In The Shape Of Natural Blocks, Processed Slabs & Tiles And Even In Beautiful Border Linings.


Marble Is Widely Used For Floorings, Wall Claddings, Borders And Designs, Handicraft Items And Many More. White Marble Is A Multi-Purpose Product And Therefore, It Can Be Placed In Bedrooms, Dining Halls, Kitchens, Lobby’s Parking, Storerooms, Religious Places And Many More. This Is One Of The Best Features Of Bhandari Marble Group Marble In India.

BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP Marble Is A Natural Product Which Comes In Beautiful Designs And Figures. Due To Its Extraordinary Glaze And Shine, People Prefer It For Both Residential As Well As For Commercial Projects. Marble Is Easy To Fit And Ads Tremendous Beauty To Your Interiors. BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP Marble Merely Is An Eye-Catching Product That Comes In More Than 20 Variations.


Marble Slabs Of White Colors Are Considered As Valuable Options For Flooring Material Due To Their Gorgeousness And Beauty. If You Choose White Marble For Your Home Or Any Commercial Space, You Can Select Imported Marble As Flooring Options. White Marbles In India Are Extremely Popular In The Market Because Of Their Excellent Finish, Pure White Color, And Smooth Texture.

Marble is a metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite. Marble is typically not foliated, although there are exceptions. In geology, the term “marble” refers to metamorphosed limestone, but its use in stonemasonry more broadly encompasses un-metamorphosed limestone. Marble is commonly used for sculpture and as a building material.

Marble cleaning, protection, and maintenance are unique requiring particular care. Many fuss and fume over their marble countertops and floor tile wondering what the heck happened and why. In truth, it is not difficult or time-consuming

The BHANDARI family has been active in the working of marble and granite since 1631, respecting the wishes of the founder Shri Roopchandji, a restorer of ancient monuments and traditional Indian temples. Such a vocation and expertise have generated the growth of one of the most important industrial groups in the field, a leader.

We learn about the sourcing process of some of the most well-known stones as well as a roundup of the most popular stones on the market. We also learn the process for cutting different alternative materials.

We strive hard to provide our clients with quality, innovative natural stone products that try to bring little change to your life & bring you closer to the Mother Earth. We put in every effort to give our clients satisfaction that cannot be matched by our competitors. We conduct our business in the most ethical & transparent manner & try being as environmentally friendly as possible. Through the consistent and regular supply of premium quality natural stones

We have established itself as a reliable player in the industry with a wide experience. Customers from all across the world can re-discover the beauty and elegance of natural stones in our range of products. Be it office, residence, commercial complex, or any other place, our products suit and match all types of requirements. Chiseled out of superior quality stone blocks, each piece of stone is an artistic endeavor of the craftsmen, characterized by exotic styles, elegant designs, and finish.

Assisting the fusion of architectural creativity with nature’s legacy of stone

Residential to commercial design, stone, and tile remains a top contender when it comes to material choice. No matter the desired style, whether it is traditional, avant-garde, or shabby chic, there are a plethora of stone and tile options on the market today to meet any sought-after look. While white, gray, and beige have not faded in popularity, industry professionals are predicting that more saturated colors and bold patterns will come into play, as well as fun shapes and larger formats.

And while porcelain and other alternative stone materials seem to be at the forefront of many designs today, it is believed that natural stone still ranks high – especially for exterior uses such as the facades of homes and buildings, pool patios, retaining walls and for any applications needing to exude texture or to make a bold statement.

We take the pleasure of representing India’s heritage of natural stone. We are one of the most reputed exporters of these products from India. We present a tantalizing range of exquisite building stones including slate, sandstone, granite, marble and limestone as well as aesthetically appealing accessories like inlays tabletops

Our Spectrum

The variety of finishes includes natural cleft, calibrated, polished, bush-hammered, sandblasted, flamed, tumbled, and a number of others. We have the capability of presenting innovative designs and also of manufacturing according to customer’s specifications. This enables us to cater better to the diversified preferences of our buyers from varied nations. A broad assortment of attractive shades & textures in hushed tones of Multicolor, White, Grey, Mustard, Brown, and many more shall entice our fascinated users. We are the unrivaled market players in India capable of producing and shipping large sizes slab and large random flagstone in peacock

Our Philosophy

The true assets of any organization are its people. We have a team of dedicated and skilled workers. Our organizational culture encourages the quest for excellence and a progressive and futuristic attitude.

Our Infrastructure

We have exclusive quarries of peacock multicolor slate as well as quarries of sandstone. These quarries are associated with our state-of-the-art calibration & polishing plant and our gang saw units. We have eight stone-cutting plants spread across the nation. Our calibration plant utilizes Italian Technology, which is capable of producing items to meet the high precision requirements of any project. Our major advantages include faster inventory, less capital tied up in inventory & low total life cycle cost and this results in increased profitability.

Quality Assurance

We have exclusive quarries of peacock multicolor slate as well as quarries of sandstone. These quarries are associated with our state-of-the-art calibration & polishing plant and our gang saw units. We have eight stone-cutting plants spread across the nation. Our calibration plant utilizes Italian Technology, which is capable of producing items to meet the high precision requirements of any project. Our major advantages include faster inventory, less capital tied up in inventory & low total life cycle cost and this results in increased profitability.

Our ubiquitous market presence

Our products strike a presence in the villas and offices of the elite strata, as well as the eminent hotels, clubs, restaurants, banks, hospitals and other prestigious addresses frequented by them. Durable and weather-resistant, natural stones are finding increasing applications in external use & interior decoration. Ranging from classic to contemporary, our accurate quality standards and a spectacular selection of colors, textures and finishes shall bring imaginative designs back to life with the natural beauty, durability and elegance only we can provide.

Wings of aspirations!!

In order to amplify our hegemonic role in the industry, we synchronize with our customers to positively improve the standards for quality and strive to make business deals feasible at a competitive market price. We believe that our future is anchored to our caliber to achieve equilibrium with customer expectations and our goal is to surpass the zone of expectations.

Known for its seemingly endless types of granite and stunning exotic material, India is among the leading sources of natural stone. Many producers export their products around the world, including to the U.S., U.K., U.S.E. Australia, Dubai, Singapore, China, and Canada.

Indian natural stones exporters are doing a fine job by trying to tap that market. India is a major exporter of natural stone and granite, which is the second-largest foreign exchange earner for India besides iron ore in the minerals category. There is something about natural stones, particularly Indian natural stones that turn them so attractive before all the natural stone lovers across the world like stone flooring Oregon. It is this fascination to have them that bring out such a fabulous business opportunity.

There is a wealth of different types of Indian natural stone tiles to choose from for both commercial and residential properties, all of which provide different aesthetics. The ability to choose from such a vast selection allows homeowners, contractors, architects and interior designers to create great aesthetics and style.

Natural Stone Products, Natural Stone Landscaping, Natural Stone Suppliers India

The natural stone company engaged in production, manufacturing, export, and supply of natural stone products like flagstone, stone circles, and garden stone products.

Stone Products

We offer an exclusive collection of beautiful stone products that are intricate art pieces and can be used to enliven any corner of the home, villa, hotel and projects.

This product of nature known to us as granite, marble, quartzite, limestone, slate, travertine, or sandstone is unique to every slab and purchase regardless of the application interior or exterior and this uniqueness and beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So fitting for today’s trend of personalizing your homes it will bring personality to your interior space with each slab chosen. For instance, we are seeing more color coming back into the design elements natural stone is an easy way to make this happen.

Through its natural look and rhythmic motion in the veining, coloring and texture you can have an instant statement maker in your choice of stone. Due to its durability and sustainability, the natural stone continues to be a popular choice for new home construction and renovation 

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