Why is Marble City’s Kishangarh famous for marble?

Why is Marble City’s kishangarh famous for marble? Marble city Kishangarh is the biggest marble market in India as well as Asia. The upcoming world’s top and India’s best Marble Granite and Stone hub of India – Widely known as the famous marble companies of India, Bhandari Marble Group Kishangarh exports and supplies the finest […]

Republic Day, Gandhi, and Bhandari family

Republic Day, Gandhi, and Bhandari familyOur forefather Shri Mishrilalaji has full support Gandhiji in all independence movements. Republic Day commemorates the adoption of the Constitution of India on January 26, 1950. While India gained independence from the British Raj in 1947, it wasn’t until January 26, 1950, that the Constitution of India came into effect, […]


MARBLE ART & FLOORSTYLE Floor surfaces design trends to Know in 2023—And What’s On Its Way OutSay goodbye to the chamical mix of harmful tiles-favourite Italianmarble, and hello to Indian marble floors and natural stone ✨️Article By D.C.BhandariJanuary 25, 2023 Table of Contents●Floor surfaces trend in 2023●Mother Earth Product Natural Stone●Luxurious Italian marble●Bye-bye to man […]

Encyclopedia of Granite

Granite, Granite, and GraniteEncyclopedia of GraniteAll types of Granite comparisons between Indian Granite v/s Imported GraniteBy D.C.BhandariJanuary 24, 2023Table of Contents●Uses of Granite●Imported Granite●Indian Granite●Imported Granite cost●Indian Granite cost●Imported Granite Benefits●Indian Granite Benefits●Imported Granite Durability●Indian Granite Durability●Imported Granite looks●Indian Granite looks●Place of origin of Imported Granite●Place of origin of Indian Granite●Types of Imported Granite●Types of […]


WHICH IS MORE POPULAR IN HIGH-END BOUTIQUE HOTELS AND RESIDENCES? MARBLE STATUARIO OR CARRARA OR CALACATTA Posted In: Bhandari Marble Group India 🇮🇳On January 23, 2023Published by D.C.Bhandari Table of Contents●High-end marble●High-end Statuario Marble●High-end Carrara marble●High-end Calacatta marble●Popular marble for boutique hotels●Popular marble for high-end residence●Why did you choose high-end marble frome the Infinity Luxurious […]

Encyclopedia of Marble

Marble, Marble, and MarbleEncyclopedia of MarbleAll types of marble comparison between Indian marble v/s Italian marbleItalian Marble vs Indian Marble:By D.C.BhandariJanuary 22, 2023 Table of Contents●Uses of marble●Italian marble●Indian marble●Italian marble cost●Indian marble cost●Italian marble Benefits●Indian marble Benefits●Italian marble durability●Indian marble durability●Italian marble look●Indian marble look●place of origin Italian marble●Place of origin Indian marble●Types of […]


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