Onyx Marble

In its natural state, onyx marble is velvety, luxurious, and nearly delicate. Onyx tile is a high-quality product for floors and walls, elevations, ornamentation, worktops, and surfaces. The marble requires considerable upkeep, but with proper care, it may last for years.

Consider onyx for your floors and walls, elevations, home decor, countertops, and surfaces. Natural stone, if you really want something extraordinary. Onyx Marble is available in a wide range of colours, textures, and dimensions. This luxurious piece is widely used in flooring, wall cladding, borders and decorations, handicraft products, and other applications. Onyx marble is a natural and stunning white hue with a multi-toned tint of gold and grey in distinct varieties.

Huge Catalog Of Onyx marble By Bhandari Marbles 

Due to the variety of designs and styles available in our goods, we are one of the best and most popular onyx marble suppliers. As a knowledgeable marble manufacturer in Rajasthan, we provide it exactly to your specifications in terms of size, colour, and design at very reasonable pricing. Bhandari Marble Group as an onyx supplier in India provides excellent products and services that meet industry standards as well as your specific needs.

Onyx Marble – The Luminious Stone 

Similar to agate, onyx marble is a banded stone. It is a soft stone that is produced from limestone. The dissolution and redeposition of the limestone causes the colour change. This highly luminous stone comes in a variety of colours, ranging from white to black and everything in between. Onyx’s look and colour fluctuate depending on the amount of light shedding. As a result, it is a fascinating construction material. 

Onyx floor tiles provide an opulent touch to bathrooms, kitchens, and foyers. Onyx may be used to create a focal point, like a bar or fireplace, because of its great colour changes. The selection of onyx as a construction stone must be done with caution. While its colour fluctuation is similar to that of marble, this material is not. While the colour variety is similar to that of marble, this material is not nearly as hard as marble. As a result, it must be dealt with care and sliced with delicacy.

Onyx has become one of the most attractive semi-precious stone marble stones today, with a fascinating deep hue and a sleek appearance. It was loved by the ancient Egyptians, who thought it possessed mystical abilities. We’re not sure about magic, but we can assure you that an onyx piece of marble flooring will significantly improve your appearance.

Bhandari Marbles – The Oldest Supplier Of Onyx Marble

Bhandari Marble World has been the ultimate example of excellence in the marble sector, with global quality and a cost-effective strategy. The Bhandari Marble Group has been honoured with several prestigious memorials and structures all around the world. Years of expertise in the delivery of high-quality marble and stone have earned Bhandari Marble Group a reputation as one of the most dependable marble producers. We maintain a positive social media presence because our business comes from all around the world. We are proud to be the exclusive provider, producer, importer, exporter, dealer, wholesaler, and distributor of superior grade onyx marble, as well as all other Indian and Italian marble and natural stone.

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