Latest Marble Price List In Navi Mumbai

Latest Marble Price List In Navi Mumbai

Marble Price In Navi Mumbai

Are you searching for the most recent and Best marble price in Navi Mumbai?

Sr.NoMarble namePriceBrand
1Ambaji WhiteRs.105-135 per sqftThe Infinity
2Vietnam WhiteRs.195-250 per sqftThe Infinity
3Calcutta WhiteRs.640-1600 per sqftThe Infinity
4Pure WhiteRs.750-2000 per sqftThe Infinity
5Thassos WhiteRs.2000-3500 per sqftThe Infinity
6Onyx WhiteRs.2200-2600 persqftThe Infinity
7Carrara WhiteRs.550-1500 per sqftThe Infinity
8Jhanjhar WhiteRs.60-100 per sqftThe Infinity
9Flawless WhiteRs.330-550 per sqftThe Infinity
10Agaria WhiteRs.70-110 per sqftThe Infinity
11Precious WhiteRs.100-150 per sqftThe Infinity
12Wonder WhiteRs.60-110 per sqftThe Infinity
13Banswara WhiteRs.90-120 per sqftThe Infinity
14Morwad WhiteRs.50-120 per sqftThe Infinity
15Makrana WhiteRs.360-600 per sqftThe Infinity

Italian Marble Price Navi Mumbai

Sr.No Italian Marble Price Brand
1 Tiger onyx Rs.775-850 per sqft The Infinity
2 Golden wave Rs.75-115 per sqft The Infinity
3 Volakas white Rs.640-1600 per sqft The Infinity
4 Panda white Rs.750-800 per sqft The Infinity
5 Amazonite marble Rs.160-190 per sqft The Infinity
6 Silver travertine Rs.220-260 persqft The Infinity
7 Nero saint  Rs.320-340 per sqft The Infinity
8 Black marquino Rs.250-270 per sqft The Infinity
9 Pavnazo Rs.630-750 per sqft The Infinity
10 Brown bulgari Rs.110-130 per sqft The Infinity
11 Pink onyx Rs.3000-3500 per sqft The Infinity
12 Red lavante Rs.600-1100 per sqft The Infinity
13 Silver flash Rs.750-820 per sqft The Infinity
14 Swiss white Rs.350-420 per sqft The Infinity
15 Fusion brown Rs.260-280 per sqft The Infinity

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