Italian Marble Flooring

This graciously Rough & polished marbles have classic textures and are available in the market at slightly higher prices than the normal ones. Just like onyx marbles, they are also used for flooring and are available in slab form. Italian marbles are highly durable and have a beautiful Appearance. Italian marble has been a part and parcel of the greatest sculptures of the world. Great sculptors like Michelangelo, Donatello and Canova give this marble type preference in their sculptures. It is quite different from other ordinary marble products in terms of purity and durability. It is nothing but the quality of this stone that gives you an edge. Features of unique veins, natural defects, and crystal clear base make this stone first choice of all. Bottochino Classic, Grey William, White Onyx, Royal Diana, Statuario and Rosso Verona are the best quality of Italian marble. As far as the cost of Italian marble is considered, you will find different prices of the different products. There is something available for all big and small budgets at Bhandari Marble Group.

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