Wall Cladding

Marble Wall Cladding
BEST TRAVERTINE AND ITALIAN MARBLE FOR ARTISTIC WALL CLADDING DESIGNS BY THE INFINITY LUXURIOUS IMPORTED MARBLE BY BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP INDIA. Travertine, Italian marble and Onyx are without a doubt one of the most widely used and sought-after natural stone for wall cladding in the modern world. Its use in Temples, Statues, Sculptures, Historical Monuments, homes, Villa, Hotel and hospitality projects of royalties or even for adorning Residential tower, commercial malls, Travertine, Italian marble and Onyx stone has been a popular choice for homeowners, Architects, interior designers.

Granite Wall Cladding

Granite is one of the most widely used wall cladding stone in the home and an extremely popular building stone for interior and exterior cladding applications throughout the years. Granite is famous for its hardness on mohe scale, durability and beauty the permanence of its color and texture and eye catching rich elegance look. Granite is easy-to-use to maintain and has an aesthetic appeal to walls for cladding.

Natural Stone wall cladding
Natural Stone wall cladding is a colorful decorative art covering made of real or simulated by Natural stone. You can use it to Natural layer on walls. Materials used for cladding can be building stones like limestone, slate stone,  granite stone, sandstone, materials that look like natural stone and are light in weight like veneer, and stone finish tiles etc.

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Wall Cladding

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