NATURAL STONE BY BHANDARI MARBLE GROUO, THE PIONEER GROUP OF NATURAL STONE SINCE 1631 Granite, marble, limestone, travertine, soapstone, serpentine, onyx and slate are all-natural stones. The extracting from the earth and the processing of these stones to the final application on a commercial building or a residence is a long procedure. Limestone the Sedimentary […]


Natural stone Stone names are variable, and stones themselves are variable. The properties will tell you so much more than the names. Always look at Bhandari brand potential stones before committing to them, because even stones in the same family can have very different physical characteristics. Learn as much as you can, and let that […]


BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP THE EXPORTER MANUFACTURER & SUPPLIER Sandstone is one of the very common types of sedimentary rock. It is used in the construction of the building. Mainly it is used for external purposes. Constructions of hotels, hospitals, schools, colleges, residential and so on. Bhandari Marble Group is one of the leading companies of […]


Natural Stone Flooring When you are on a construction project, be it residential or commercial, exterior flooring or paving grab a significant amount of your budget and proportional promises to returns in terms of décor as well as property value in the long run. Backyard Patio is an essential part of most homes. Natural Stone […]


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