Makrana Marble

All About Classic Sandstone

ALL ABOUT SANDSTONE BHANDARI MARBLE GROUP Sandstone makes wonderful dimension stone, because it’s hard and impervious to the elements, yet it’s still relatively easy to cut, shape, and carve. That said, quartz-based sandstones and quartzites may require some additional fabrication costs due to additional time or tool wear, since the minerals are so hard. Sandstone […]

Latest Italian Marble Collection With Us

ITALIAN MARBLE Bhandari Marble Group is the best Italian Marble supplier in India which provides Italian Marble, marble slabs with assured quality and best price in the market. Bhandari Marble Group is one of the leaders in supplying and manufacturing Italian marble in India. Bhandari Marble Group’s produces multiple designs, colours, and sizes of this […]

Frequently Asked Questions For White Marble

1. Which market is better to get marble for home flooring, Kishangarh or Makrana? Kishangarh is called the marble city of the world and here are several dealers who can offer everything related to marble and stone. Both Indian and Italian marble is readily available and Bhandari Marble Group is among the Top 10 Marble […]


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