luxurious white marble

Reasonable Prices
easy installation and maintenance

Slab Thickness: 15 mm -18 mm
Slab Size: 5′ x 3′ and above
Unpolished Surface
Natural Stone
Striking White Colour
No chemical Processing Required


Welcome to the infinity by bhandari marble group your trusted destination to buy luxurious white marble in india. Indulge in the timeless beauty and elegance of white marble with “the infinity” collection, brought to you by bhandari marble group, india’s leading marble provider. Our exquisite range of luxurious white marble is designed to elevate your spaces to unparalleled levels of opulence and sophistication.

At bhandari marble group, we understand that every space is unique and deserves a touch of luxury that stands the test of time. Our “the infinity” collection offers an extensive selection of premium white marble sourced from the finest quarries. Renowned for its pristine white hue and exquisite veining, white marble has been a symbol of luxury and grandeur for centuries.

What sets us apart is our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Each slab of marble in “the infinity” collection is carefully inspected by our experts to ensure it meets the highest standards of excellence. Whether you’re looking to adorn your floors, walls, countertops, or any other surface, our white marble promises unmatched beauty and durability.

With bhandari marble group, you’re not just buying marble; you’re making an investment in luxury and refinement. Our experienced team is dedicated to assisting you in finding the perfect marble that aligns with your vision and aesthetic preferences.

Experience the allure of “the infinity” by bhandari marble group and transform your spaces into timeless works of art. Explore our collection and let the elegance of white marble redefine luxury in your surroundings.

luxurious white marble


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