Natural Stone


Natural stones are the most beautiful additions to your project. A wide variety of these charming rocks are found in the lap of nature. No matter what your aesthetic is, you always find just the right natural stone to enhance the look and feel of your project. Natural stones are not just known for their mesmerizing appearance but also for the incredible strength that accompanies these gorgeous stones. Natural stones greatly add to the beauty and overall look of your space in a way that no other stone can.


The excellence of these incomparable stones is only best understood when one gets to experience it with high-quality natural stones. Our awareness of this fact makes us deliver to you the highest quality natural stones that you will find. Bhandari Marble Group offers a wide selection of premium quality natural stones for you to choose from. What makes our products stand out in the crowd is their remarkable quality and condition. Bhandari natural stones are always authentic and of the highest quality that one can find. We are driven by the dream of perfection. Our main aim is to always provide our customers with class-apart products. We believe in building a family and we ensure that each member gets nothing but the best.


Limestone is a beautiful natural stone that is mainly composed of calcite. It is generally grey but is also available in white, brown, or yellow shades. Limestone is rapidly gaining popularity for its unique appearance and remarkable durability. It is extensively used for construction. It is a hard rock that lasts long and does not get damaged easily.

Soapstone is a uniquely gorgeous natural stone that can be green, white, black, grey, or blue-grey. The scarce veining adds to its beauty and elegance. Soapstone is popularly used for art and architecture because of its beautiful appearance and soft nature. It is mainly used for carving owing to its softness. It is very easy to clean which makes it suitable for countertops.

Sandstone is a hard and porous natural stone that is known for its beautiful appearance and bright colors. Sandstone can be brown, red, pink, purple, or yellow. It is an ideal stone for making outdoor structures and is commonly used in building porches, fireplaces, retaining walls, and walkways.

Quartz is a very precious natural stone that has a remarkable appearance and aura. It is also a healing natural stone. Quartz stone is popularly used for kitchen and bathroom countertops. This beautiful stone blends in with the overall look of a space and greatly enhances it.

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