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We deal in Indian marble, tiles, floor designs, flooring, images, India, marble prices, marble statues, marble suppliers, marble stones etc. Get the high-quality Indian Marble from Bhandari marble at best prices.

Bhandari Marble Group, is oldest and largest manufacturing , supplying company since 1631 been known as the king of the marble at marble city Kishangarh Rajasthan India.

There are many varieties such as Makrana marble (used in the Taj Mahal), Rajnagar Marble (the world’s largest marble-producing area, with over 2,000 gang saw units located in the nearby town of Udaipur), Andhi Marble (a dolomite marble with intrusions of tremolite), Salumber Marble (also known as Onyx Marble), Rajasthan – Abu Black (a rare black textured marble), Madhya Pradesh – Katni Range: (famous beige coloured marble), Indian Green Marble, etc.

Makrana Marble

Makrana Marble is named after the place it is mined from, which a part of the Nagaur district of Rajasthan. Makrana earned its fame ages back, and because of its already earned fame, the architectures of the Taj decided to keep this marble as the building material of the building.

With various mining ranges, Makrana is a world in itself for the white marble. The various mining ranges include Dungri, Devi, Ulodi, Gulaabi, Saabwali, Matabhar Kumari, Neharkhan, Chuck Dhoongri etc. Pahar Kuan range is the supposed mining range from where the marble for The Taj Mahal was chosen.

Rajasthan, in India, is gifted with the top quality of marble there is in the world. Of all these marble collection Bhandari marble group owns the best of collection of Marble granite and natural stone Makrana White, the leading brand of Indian Marble, brought to the marble world, hails from these abundant mines of Makrana by Bhandari marble group.

White Marble

Bhandari Marble Group has the best collection of White marble The process of creating bold and beautiful marble that symbol of love and affection with your dream home. The innovative pioneer group of marble stone the most beautiful collection of marble, granite and Natural stone . Bhandari Marble Group offers the best quality with quantity white marble in Kishangarh , Rajasthan India Since 387 years., Bhandari Marble Group has been the 5 star ranked company of the visions of Interior designers, architects , Builders, Hoteliers, colonizers, dealers, distributers, customers, across the globe.

White as the colour of undispersed light, pristine as innocence, Makrana White adds a character to wherever it is applied. Available in many designs types size thickness price and Style of the quality Marble:

The most unique of designs are available in marble and Bhandari Marble Group is the best marble company marble in India, Rajasthan, Kishangarh. Bhandari marble group innovations make them convenient for the most reputed marble company for exterior or interior Natural stones. The Bhandari marble group’s floorings look cozi and charming the perfection than possible with variant of Indian Marble offered by Bhandari marble group

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