Calacatta Gold Marble

Calacatta Marble In Kishangarh

All About Calacatta Marble :These questions are often asked about Calacatta Marble by architects, interior designers, engineers, builders, hoteliers, developers, and customers. The first-class marble in the world is Calacatta marble. stunning, dramatic, and eye-catching.

Calacatta Gold Marble

What is so tremendous about Calacatta Marble?
Calacatta Marble white background and Italian gold and grey marble. California Marble is a special
marble with grey and gold veining and bold, dramatic patterns that are eye-catching. Calacatta Gold
Marble is one of the best marbles for homes, villas, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, towers, offices,
showrooms, and project applications such as flooring, facades, decorations, backsplashes, and

Calacatta Gold Marble is rich in tradition. It is considered superior for its whiteness and pattern. It is
an Italian marble known for its dramatic design, durability, purity, and beauty. Calacatta Gold Italian
Marble is a high-quality marble, also known as Calacatta Gold Marble. A bold and beautiful marble
originating from the Appun Mountains near Carrara, Calacatta Gold Marble is a glossy white color with
a deep grey gold pattern on it. Calacatta marble is a class of Italian marble with a crystalline shape.

Statuario and Calacatta Gold Marble:
Once upon a time in 1969, our grandfather, Shri Roop Chandji, visited Italy in search of the finest Italian
marble. He aimed to introduce the highest quality marble to India for both domestic and export
markets. Due to his devotion and patriotism, in 1969 he imported many types of marble to India such
as Statuario Marble, Calacatta Gold Marble, Carrara White Marble, and Arabestcarto White Marble.
India. Repeatedly, Calacatta Gold Marble has shown its lustrous appearance and beauty to achieve
amazing results in its application.

The dramatic-looking marble is not particularly great, it’s a classic marble for a reason. From old to
new, Calacatta gold marble can be used for natural flooring stones in your home. Calacatta’s gold
marble is one of the most dramatic marbles in the history of marble. You just need to know a little
more about what makes Calacatta’s gold marble slabs so beautiful. From the world’s top architects,
interior designers, engineers, builders, hoteliers, developers, and clients, the long list of Calacatta Gold
Marble fans is long and impressive. Now that you know a little more about Calacatta Gold Marble and
how to use it, we recommend that you consider Calacatta Gold Marble for your next construction or
home project. And you will admire Calacatta’s golden marble for centuries.

• Hond,
• Vaned Finish,
• Framed Finish,
• Blocks, Slabs, and Tile
• Easy Maintenance,
• enduring smooth finish,
• Unique Colours
• Flooring and Siding used for decoration, and countertops.
• Attractive design
• factory finished 360 degrees on Calacatta Gold marble.

The Bhandari marble group India is the Top Calacatta gold marble supplier in the world. We ship
Calacatta gold marble to the United States, the United Kingdom, the United Arab Emirates, Dubai,
Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain.Turkey,
Kenya, Morocco, Holland, Poland, Germany, and all over the globe. • Attractive design
• factory finished 360 degrees on Calacatta Gold marble.

Bhandari Marble Group, India, maintains the Legacy:

We at Bhandari Marble Group India are our research and development team, but we keep a record of
the most notable quality products that the Calacatta Gold Marble has looked for yet.Our team is
dedicated to bringing such Calacatta gold marble and stones to light, which can be an excellent choice
for our architects, interior designers, engineers, and clients, as well as a tough competitor for other

These are just a few of the reasons why our Calacatta Gold marble is an excellent choice for your
luxurious domestic villa resort hotel health centre shops towers and projects.In India, we are the
market leader in Calacatta Gold Marbles.To discuss your options and how to make Calacatta gold
marble work for you, send an inquiry online, book online, visit Studio Calacatta’s Factory Outlet today,
call, or please contact us by email. We will be happy to provide you with honest and knowledgeable
opinions and the best quality, quantity, and price for Calacatta Gold Marble.

We are the best place for Calacatta Gold Marble Blocks, Slabs, Tiles, and Crafts. We produce Calacatta
Gold Marble Tiles from slabs according to the customer’s order and customise any size, thickness,
finish, design, tabletop, countertop, statue, temple, jari, CNC waterjet tumble honing frame, and
sandblasting finish. Calacatta gold marble tile size is 1ft x 1ft. These tiles are used for wall cladding,
bathroom floors, and decoration.
We are the largest manufacturer, supplier, and exporter of Calacatta Marble Slabs, Tiles, and
Handicrafts. We directly import the highest quality Calacatta Gold Marble blocks from our Italian
quarries and process these blocks on our gang saws to bring you super-finished Calacatta Gold Marble
of the highest quality.Calacatta Gold Marble is a very fine white marble with grey gold lines from Italy
that is currently used in several high-quality and exclusive projects around the world. We are the
oldest supplier and exporter of Calacatta Gold Marble.
For personal support on the project, draft an email or contact our team. Your one-stop shop for all
Calacatta Marble requirements. Add professionals and the Calacatta Gold Marble Export Team in
India, Bhandari Marble Group in India, and Kishangarh, Rajasthan.


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