All About Green Marble

All About Green Marble

About Green Marble

Green marble has a decorative look and its wide variation in veining and coloring is considered its best trait. In this small bathroom, the white bathtub looks striking against the green marble. While green marble has a decadent look, it requires fair bit of maintenance. Since it can be easily stained or scratched by acidic materials such as lemon or cleaning products, you need to be careful while cleaning your green marble walls as well as floors.

Green Marble And Tiles Types

  • FOREST GREEN MARBLE– Forest Green Marble makes it one of the most versatile green marble. It has a green background with different shades of green veining and a pattern that is reminiscent of tree branches. The green veins give the stone a natural forest look that will fit in a green garden. For an entirely green look, you can construct a fountain or a statue that will be the focal point. The neutral green color will add amazing interest to your garden.Green Marble
  • BARODA GREEN MARBLE– Baroda green marble has a green background with brown veins which run through it, thus the name. The texture of this stone is unique. Hence, it can be used in almost every application. You can enhance the beauty of your green garden by creating a waterfall feature using Baroda Green Marble. The brown and green color gives a natural earthy feel. Since they are available in a variety of sizes, you can use big baroda green marble tiles or slabs for the actual waterfall and also add pebbles.
  • DARK GREEN MARBLE– Dark green marble is veined with both olive green and vanilla veins that run across each tile. The uniqueness of the dark green marble tiles is a great advantage for both interior and exterior use. The delicate patterns make it a fit for marble flooring and wall cladding applications.
  • RAINFOREST GREEN MARBLE– Rainforest green marble catches anyone’s attention with its deep dark green veins on a lighter background. The green appearance is suitable for a pathway or footsteps inside a garden with light green grass. The contrasting light and dark green colors in the garden provide a soothing experience. Besides, the rainforest green marble tiles are also an exceptional fit for a patio that opens into a garden. A porch made of this natural stone is a perfect place to listen and watch nature without disturbing it during the day or night.

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