Italian Statuario Marble

Italian Statuario Marble

Italian Statuario marble is one such marble type that receives all the praise and admiration it deserves. It is difficult to not be enchanted by its gorgeous looks and utterly luxurious appearance. Bhandari Marble Group is the most trusted supplier and exporter of high quality Italian marble. We are here to make you well versed with the qualities of this marble type that make it so loved and demanded around the world.


What Makes Italian Statuario Marble So Special?

Italian Statuario marble is a unique and luxurious stone that has been used in high-end architecture and design for centuries. It is a highly sought-after material due to its classic white hue and beautiful veining. Statuario marble is known for its strength and durability, making it perfect for countertops and floors. It also stands out because of its unique and intricate veining that adds depth and interest to any design. Furthermore, this type of marble is not widely available, which makes it a rare and exclusive material. In conclusion, Italian Statuario marble is a beautiful, strong, and rare stone that adds a luxurious touch to any design.

  • QUALITY : Italian Statuario marble is renowned for its exquisite and durable quality. It is one of the most soughtafter types of marble due to its unique white color, which is interspersed with delicate grey veins.Its neutral color palette makes it a great choice for a variety of designs and aesthetics. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it is also incredibly strong and durable. The marble is highly resistant to water and acid, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications. Additionally, it is easy to clean and maintain, making it a great choice for a wide range of spaces. 
  • RARITY : Italian Statuario Marble is a highly sought-after stone for its beauty and rarity. It is a white marble with
    grey veining and a very hard surface. Its rarity is due to the fact that it is only quarried in a few places in the world, making it a very exclusive and expensive stone to use. Its durability and unique appearance make it a great choice for many high-end projects.
  • WHY MOST PRECIOUS MARBLE : Italian Statuario Marble is one of the most precious and sought-after materials in the world due to its
    unique properties. It is a type of limestone found only in the Apuan Alps of Italy, making it a rare and
    valuable resource. This marble is known for its pure white base and dramatic, deep grey veins that can create a stunning, elegant look in any space. Its hardness and durability make it a great choice for countertops, flooring, and other design elements. Additionally, its unique look can add an element of luxury to any space.
  • MESMERISING APPEARANCE : Italian Statuario Marble is a truly mesmerizing material, renowned for its distinctive veining and
    striking white color. Its classic polished finish gives it a timeless look that can fit into a variety of design styles. Perfect for countertops, floors, walls, and more, Statuario Marble can add a touch of elegance and luxury to any space
  • HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE : Italian Statuario Marble is a highly sought-after material for its striking white color, intricate veining
    pattern and timeless elegance. It has been used since antiquity in a variety of architectural
    applications, from monuments and public buildings to private residences and interiors. Its use dates
    back to ancient Rome, where it was used to build monuments, sculptures and other decorative pieces.
    This marble has also been used extensively in Renaissance architecture and is seen in many of the most iconic structures from that period. Today, it is still popular for use in both interior and exterior applications, from floor and wall tiles to ountertops and sculptures. Its beauty and durability make it  a timeless choice, with the added bonus of having a rich historical significance.
  • VERSATILITY : Italian Statuario marble is one of the most versatile types of marble available. It is an ideal material
    for a variety of projects, from elegant countertops and backsplashes to grandiose flooring solutions.
    Its durability and beauty make it a favorite for both commercial and residential projects. Statuario
    marble also has a unique veining pattern that can be customized to fit any aesthetic. Its unique color
    palette from white to blue and gray provides a range of options for any design. Whether used indoors
    or outdoors, Italian Statuario marble is sure to impress.
  • EASE OF INSTALLATION WORK : Installing Italian Statuario Marble is relatively easy and can be done with the right tools and some
    careful planning. First, you’ll want to measure the area you plan to install the marble in to make sure
    you have the right amount of marble. Then, be sure to use the right adhesive and grout for the job.
    Make sure you use a wet saw or masonry blade to cut the marble to size. Finally, use a sealer after
    installation to ensure the marble is properly sealed and protected.
  • Why to Choose: – Italian Statuario marble is a beautiful and luxurious natural stone that is perfect for any home or
    business. It is often used for flooring, countertops, and other interior design projects. It is renowned
    for its elegant white color and classic design. It is also highly durable and scratch-resistant, making it
    a great choice for high-traffic areas like kitchens or bathrooms. Additionally, Italian Statuario marble
    is easy to maintain and clean, making it a great choice for busy households or businesses. Its timeless
    beauty and versatility make it a great choice for any interior design project
Bhandari Marble Group, India, maintains the Legacy:

Bhandari Marble Group, India, has been around since the 16th century and has maintained its legacy of providing the highest quality marble for over 400 years. The company is renowned for its commitment to excellence, from the selection of the finest marble stones to the meticulous craftsmanship of its artisans. The company is dedicated to not only meeting, but exceeding the expectations of its customers. With its long-standing history and dedication to quality and customer satisfaction, Bhandari Marble Group is truly a leader in the industry. Contact us today for the best marble deals on premium quality products. Bring to your project an ncomparable richness with Bhandari Marbles. It is our aim and goal to ensure that you get satisfactory quality marble for your special projects

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