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Carrara White marble, generally the most budget-friendly option of the classic Italian whites, typically has finer veining than its higher-end cousin, Calacatta marble. The feathery lines lend more grey and silver undertones to the entire stone. With less noticeable variation, Carrara generally has a more uniform overall appearance, although you can often find slabs with more dramatic veins.

Technical Information

Carrrara White Marble exudes style and sophistication, but is softer and requires more diligent care than some other natural stones. For many, that maintenance restricts marble’s applications to accent furniture or décor touches that don’t see as much traffic. With the innovative process by which Cambria quartz is perfected, the upscale appeal is married with a resilience that makes the surface suitable for any room. The same characteristics that make marble perfect for sculpture, as well as other practical applications, can also make it more susceptible to scratching, etching, or staining. Marble rates a 3 on the Mohs hardness scale, and is considered a “soft” stone – hence its common use in sculpture. In the kitchen, that means marble countertops can scratch and scuff more easily than other surfaces, such as granite or quartz. Marble is also a porous stone, so it’s more prone to staining due to harsh cleaning products or acidic liquids. We’ll address these issues further below, when we talk about marble maintenance.

Because marble occurs in very large deposits that can be hundreds of feet thick, it’s usually harvested in enormous slabs directly from the sides of mountains, making it ideal for large applications, such as kitchen countertops. Each slab is unique and there’s a great deal of variation from one segment to the next, so every marble countertop, backsplash, and tabletop is truly one-of-a-kind. And in the case of the classic white marble, the bright shade gives the kitchen a fresh, clean sparkle and can brighten up a space with less natural light.

Finish Options

White Carrara marble can be finished in a number of ways, depending on the desired aesthetic for a space, as well as the desired level of maintenance the property owner feels comfortable with.

That classic, luxurious gloss for white marble can be achieved with a polished finish, which creates a perfectly smooth, high-shine surface. That jaw-dropping gleam highlights the bright whites and sparkle of the stone, which can help brighten up a space without windows and make the room feel bright and clean. This is the most popular option because it gives the stone a high-end appearance, and is easier to clean. However, polished marble shows streaks, scuffs, scratches and etches much more easily, so your marble may show the wear of your kitchen more quickly.

In addition to the reflective shine, a high-polish finish will offer some additional protection against stains and is more hygienic for kitchens, as the perfect smoothness doesn’t allow any hidden cracks of crevices for spills and bacteria to collect. However, it also requires more dedication to cleanliness, as the polished surface will show streaks, scuffs, or smudges more easily. A soft cloth and any number of specially developed natural stone cleaner will help preserve the shine.

Those who want a softer, less fussy aesthetic may opt to have their White Carrara marble countertops honed to a satiny matte finish, ranging from completely flat to semi-matte, which is a bit more forgiving when it comes to scuffs and scratches. This option “dresses down” the feel of the marble so it’s softer and warmer, rather than cold and sterile-looking.

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Carrara White Marble
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